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Questions for those who do research papers and use website links?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) April 10th, 2011

1. Can you website link to google books or do you need to link to the book?

2. If the link has a really long URL can you put the URL in a shortening service link like Tinyurl

3. Does your school require you to say when you accessed the information?

I’m asking these questions because I am an ESL teacher required to give my students a research paper, and since I live in a small town in China I need my students to access English info primarily through the internet. TIA

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When we wrote research papers, we had to write out the actual URL for the site we got the information from. We had to do so in APA format. How it should be written out would depend on which writing style they are using (if any).

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Whenever I use Google Books, I use the book’s copyright info as though I had the book in my hands. It is a book that’s providing the information – how you got it isn’t really an issue.

Tinyurl is not acceptable, as far as I know – the instructor should be able to glance at the link and know where the information came from.

And yes, we have to include the access date, because information online can change so quickly.

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If the book is a physical book I always cite the book

Never use an url shortening srevice in a citation. This isn’t Twitter, you can use as many characters as you need to. Just copy the whole URL and paste. Also mention when you accesed the website as stuff diaspears off the web all the time.

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I don’t quite understand question 1. But @Seelix answer makes sense.
2. Agree with @Lightlyseared and @Seelix on Tinyurl.
3. Yes. My school uses APA format and they are very specific about the link, date and time when you retrieved the info. Sometimes Websites are deleted or updated and the info that you initially found is modified. Providing the exact details of when you accessed the info. is the only way you can prove you are being truthful about your source.
Here you can find links to some of the most important Research/Style Guides.

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