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What was your favorite cruise?

Asked by JLeslie (60811points) April 10th, 2011

Ship name

Ports visited

Length of trip

Details about the trip

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I don’t have much interest in commercial cruises but I do love boats.
The best cruises I ever took were aboard a 1947,46’ Chris Craft.I liked to bow-ride as it would glide through the water.You could barely feel the waves because it was a heavy and wood.I really loved that boat and will miss it.
I do have a 16’ puddle jumper now and that suits me fine for where I like to go :)

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Actually, I really don’t like the idea of “commercial cruises” either, but my husband and I have now taken six! The difference is that the cruises we’ve taken have been “Geek Cruises”, the ones offered by Insight Cruises. (Five of them, anyway, were Insight. They were Apple focused. The sixth was about PCs. My husband taught at that one. It was shorter and not as well done. Because it was PC based I didn’t like it as much!) The Insight Cruises were set up with classes you could chose to attend while we were at sea. They were offered during the “first shift” time, and if you didn’t take classes or were outside of the time they were offered you could chose to do anything you wanted. Spend timed doing something that the ship offered or socialize with other passengers, swim, do whatever you wanted. When the ship was “docked” at port we either went ashore and went on excursions or did whatever we wanted. The PC cruise was only four days, was on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, was in the Caribbean and docked in the Bahamas. It wasn’t nearly as much fun, and the classes were offered wether or not we were at sea. Four of the Mac cruises were one week long, on went to 1) the Caribbean (I forget the ports!) on Holland America 2) Hawaii- it was on NCL, docked in Honolulu, Maui, and one other port. 3) the Caribbean again, but with other ports, back on Holland America and 4) the west coast of Mexico. It went to Cabo San Lucas, Matazlan, and another city. (I forget which one!) on Holland America 4)The latest one we were on was with Holland America again. It lasted twelve days and started in Buenos Aries, Argentina. It docked in two other Argentina cities, on the Falkland Islands, and in three cities in Chile. After we got off the ship the people on the Apple cruise could go up to Machu Picchu. You could have gone to see the Igazu Falls if you wanted to, but my husband and I chose Machu Picchu instead. (Both side trips cost more.)
There were many different choices offered on the ships, from swimming and tennis, running, to spa services and movies. You could also chose to spend time in the library, go to classes offered on the cultures of the ports, card games, trivia, movies, dancing… Depending on the ships and the nature of the cruises there were lots of things you could chose to do. Like I said before I don’t know what I would chose to do if I wasn’t part of the Insight crowd. The classes were interesting but if you didn’t want to you didn’t have to go, it was your choice. With Insight Cruise, you could chose the type of cruise you wanted to take. They have a website, the offer more than just cruises for Apple Computer people.
No, I’m not their PR person, I just believe in what they do! :o)

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My favs are on small lakes. Lake Otsego and Lake Placid. Both less than 10 or so miles, but spectacularly beautiful.
Edit: Can’t leave out the Finger Lakes of NY.

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No idea what the ship was called.
It set off from Ushuaia ,Argentina and went round Antartica.
It took 3 weeks (london to london)
It gave the oportunity to trek and climb in Antartica. A real adventure.

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Hard to say.

I’ve been on two, one on Carnival to the Caribbean and one on Princess down the inside passage in Alaska.

Both were excellent but in different ways. The Carnival cruise was aimed at a younger crowd and all of the entertainment focused on the whole fun in the sun thing. Princess, on the other hand, catered towards a more mature audience so the quality of everything was (IMHO) one notch higher and the focus was more about the whole breathtaking scenery thing.

I totally enjoyed both.

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Princess lines Alaskan Cruise. We took the two week option, one week touring Alaska by bus/train and 7 days cruising from Ancorage to Vancouver

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@GracieT that’s interesting. I didn’t realize there were cruises like that.

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Never been on a real cruise. But last Summer in MontrĂ©al’s port, a friend and I went on a small tour. A two story boat with an open sky section where we ate fancy food, while the boat was touring some significant parts of the port.
We saw this set of condos known for their fucked up architecture, La Ronde which is a famous amusement park here, a bunch of other stuff. We also saw these two HUUUUGE ass industrial ships. Man those were amazing. Later in the day we went to check them out up close, I can’t believe how big those were. Took a bunch of pics with my cell.
But anyways, that’s the closest to a ’‘cruise’’ I’ve been, a two hour guided tour lol. But it was awesome.

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@JLeslie, they do exist. That’s why I gave their website. They offer cruises for computers, Jazz music, Astronomy- several different things. My husband and I have been on five of their cruises for Apple computer people. I now will admit my nerdiness factor! :o) On the first cruise was John DeLancie and on another was Will Wheaton. Both are Mac people. I’m not really a fan of Will Wheaton, but I’ve always liked John DeLancie. It was really great meeting him. My husband and I have met and spent time with the man who started Insight Cruises. He and his wife are both great people who are both well educated and interesting to talk to. The people we’ve spent time with on these cruises are incredible people. We stay in touch with several and have gone to see many at home after the cruises. I’ve seen ads for cruises with other themes and subjects. I know they exist. I’ve only been on computer cruises, but I’ve heard of cruises that have other themes. I bet that you could find several topics by googling cruises-themes.

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@JLeslie that is so interesting! BTW your link is missing a t. This is it

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Thanks, @Porifera! It always helps to have a proofreader. :o) Consider yourself lurved!

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@GracieT Yes, thanks for the link. My husband would really enjoy a car enthusiast cruise, specofically Porsche would be ideal. I tried to google, only found a motorcycle cruise. I might keep looking though. Thanks!

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@GracieT Right ! It was your link not @JLeslie‘s :)

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Gee! I have yet to take one.:(

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I’ve been on:

One local commercial cruise – Circle Line, full island of Manhattan, ca. May, 1996 (it’s a 3-hour tour, a 3-hour tour)

Two local private cruises – My sister’s boat in NY Bay when she still lived here, August, 1994; My pal Lloyd’s boat out in Jamaica Bay with a 5-mile trip out to the Atlantic, July 2006 (This one was the favourite)

One ocean liner cruise – Norwegian Dawn, from NYC to Cape Canaveral to the Bahamas, November 2003. I hated this one. It was boring. And there were no cute guys.

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