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What adhesives can I use with a road bike inner tube patch?

Asked by cockswain (15254points) April 10th, 2011

I’ve got patches, but the adhesive in the patch kit gone. I don’t want to buy a patch kit just for the adhesive. Can I use something like rubber cement? Any other substitutes? I haven’t seen anywhere I can just get the glue.

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Gorilla Glue claims it can adhere anything to anything. Give it a shot. Its at WalMart.

I use it for just about anything.

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That is pretty good stuff. I’m hoping to find someone who has actual experience using something so I don’t get a leak when I pump it up. Road tires are inflated to about 110psi. If no one has an answer, I’ll probably have to experiment with things like that. I’ve got like 6 tubes to patch.

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Have you considered calling a local bike shop and asking if they sell the glue or have some you can have? It’s worth a phone call.

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Oh yeah, done that at three places. They only sell the kit. There’s never enough glue in those kits for all the patches you get. I’m trying to beat the man.

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Don’t take a chance with gorilla glue or monkeying around with other substitutes.

You can buy a tube of tube patch kit glue from Amazon for 99ยข. It is called “Pax Rubber Cement Patch Kit Glue Tube Tire TL983MXX”

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Do you think just good ol’ rubber cement would work? That was my instinct. Otherwise I’ll get the Pax, thanks.

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Rubber cement works fine. The tire repair glue is simply a tiny tube of rubber cement. I have ridden hundreds of miles on patches made from old inner tube snippets and rubber cement.

Use a small amount and let it dry before applying the patch.

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How much does a emergency patch kit cost these days anyway? Get a bottle of slime and be done with-it.

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