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I there a Google Toolbar for Safari on a PC?

Asked by NNckD (1points) April 20th, 2008

I there a Google Toolbar for Safari on a PC? I just got Safari on my PC and it’s way faster then IE 7! Do you know if there is a Google Toolbar for it? help

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not sure, but then again, why would you want it? if you can give me a good awnser i’ll look for it or an alternative ;)

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Well I have a mac and I agree with your loving safari outlook, now all the people that I know that have a PC with safari don’t have google on their toolbar so I would have to say no that there isn’t but I would search it on to make sure.

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my good answer is… SAFARI IS so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o much better then any other brower and I have a PC!

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no i mean, what is the reason for wanting the google toolbar? pop ups are automaticly blocked, searching can be done in the search bar, and gmail notifications can be shown with the google notifier…so, why the bar?

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o because i love the toolbar and all it’s accessories and you are right but I jut like it idk why.

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@iwamoto: because it allows you the ability to extend the power of google search way beyond the the webpage. If you did any searching you’d understand.

The answer is no. Safari does not have the google toolbar.

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@iwamoto: so that i can have my google bookmarks at my disposal on any browser on any computer.

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grrr my image didnt show up

oh well here go to this link it will show where it is located


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no, that’s just a searchbox…

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iwamoto i know wat you looking for .. they want the google toolbar becuz of the pagerank .. pagerank really helps alot if you visit a site .. if you know were to find the google toolbar for safari , let me know im using safari for now , and also letme know if you found that roboform is compatible now for safari .. let me know and it well be a great help for me and the other users in safari browser

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and thanks in advance .. iwamoto

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