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What are some non-traditional romantic ideas?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19054points) April 10th, 2011

A friend of mine wants to do something romantic for her anniversary with her girlfriend. Any ideas on what she could do outside of flowers and chocolates?

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Write her a poem.

I have mine:

The Sonnet of You and Me

Lifetimes of search could not alone discover
But God and Angels led me there to see
Through dirty glass our eyes smiled at each other
A fool could not deny what was to be.

Quietly her magic took me over
Nervously undressing muse my heart broke
Lines drawn where hands and lips ached to touch her
Passions of such depth she did evoke.

Alone I walked, overcome I wandered
Consulting sea and stars for guidance home
For her heart is the only place I’m harbored
My longing soul’s desire is she alone.

Forever hers, I cannot help but see
Great providence, she is my destiny.

(my girlfriend wrote this and gave it to me on my birthday).

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traditional includes dinner at a fancy restaurant, a visit to the theater or orchestra or ballet, a night in a quaint inn with a four poster bed and a canopy, a gondola ride….

I suppose you could take her on a kind of scavenger hunt that would lead her into the woods and end with a table set with a cloth and table settings and a simple picnic of bread and cheese and wine and fruit. But that requires warm weather.

need more info, really, to come up with something personal, not generic.

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As I often do here, I wonder about context. By that I mean: which anniversary? First? Fifth? Tenth?

Something that would be “romantic” for a tenth anniversary might be “creepy overkill” for a first. And what’s good for a first might be woefully inadequate for a fifth.

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@WasCy Sorry – 3 months.

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Celebrating a three month “anniversary”? A kiss on the cheek is sufficient.

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Can she cook? I’d be inclined to make a nice, multi-course meal with dessert and wine. The bedroom then is only a short jaunt away once she’s bowled over by my mad culinary skillzzz.

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@MissAnthrope Yeah, they are extraordinarily stereotypical in their butch/femme-butch love affair. I never feels so self-concious wearing pink nail polish as in front of them… Plus, they’re both 20, so it’s still all “Omg, 3 months!?! Woo-hoo!”

No, she cannot cook. In fact, I didn’t know it was possible to live this long in an industrialized country and not know how to make basic things like toast and rice until I met her.

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Everybody likes to be pampered. How about a full spa treatment. Or for a cheaper version they could give each other 30 minutes of a full body oil massage. Or just tie herself to the bed, with nothing on but a ribbon and anniversary card.

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I once set up a “scavenger hunt” sort of thing for my husband. I left clues around town and his final destination was a hotel suite, where I had his favorite meal set out on pretty plates, a bottle of champagne, rose petals everywhere, and I was in a nightie, with my feet propped up on the edge of the table, sort of like in Pretty Woman.

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Take her ice skating, then afterwards have a thermos filled with hot chocolate and go sit in the park to drink it. If he’s able to set up a camera to take a shot automatically, make sure that at least one photo is taken of the couple together. And if he could arrange to have a little tree delivered to her house that they would “discover” when they got back to her place, they could arrange to plant it together the next day.

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