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Are there any affordable alternatives to Brazilian Keratin Treatments?

Asked by ImNotHere (444points) April 10th, 2011

Hello Fluther,
I’m a 22 year old Caucasian female with wavy dark brown hair. My hair is strong and healthy as I try to take care of it and get regular trims. It straightens nicely with a ceramic straighter and the right products and I would really like to maintain this look without so much effort. I am prone to some frizz so I need something that would keep my hair sleek and manageable without shelling out 700 + (NYC prices, eek!) for a decent BK treatment. Does anyone have any advice, alternative practices or products they can share so I can keep my hair sleek and still pay the rent?

Thanks! :)

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Certainly. Have you ever had your hair straightened before? Do you think you could do it on your own at home or have a friend help you?

There are lots of at home straighteners. I’d go with something like this one to start with, because it’s more gentle. There are more aggressive straighteners on the market, but if this is new for you, go gentle first.

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I’m afraid it would still be damaging. :-/

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