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Loading a Flash movie via an external link?

Asked by cschack (227points) April 20th, 2008

OK, so I’m making a pretty simple website, and it will have a a few different picture galleries. What I’d like to do is build the shell with HTML and CSS (pretty basic site); background graphics, main menu and so on, then have the Flash galleries load into an empty movie clip when you click the hyperlinks in the main menu. I really don’t want to make a giant flash film. Now, I know I can do it with an iframe, but I’d rather avoid it. Hopefully the question makes sense, I’m not a pro (obviously)

Thanks in advance!

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Your best bet is to use javascript to call methods in the main flash file that cause it to load your individual galleries and dispose of old ones. If you’re using AS3 then you’ll need to expose that method using ExternalInterface.addCallback(). Then all you need to do is make that callback method load in whatever is passed to it (or however you want it to function).

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