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What is the best way to import a cat from the US to the UK?

Asked by SofaKingWright (530points) April 11th, 2011

I am going to be taking my cat with me to the UK, where I will be living for a few years.

Certain airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin, which is most preferred, however it is illegal to travel directly to the UK with a cat in the cabin. UK restrictions are also quite a bit more harsh than other EU countries.

I had an idea to potentially fly into France and then obtain an EU pet passport for the cat and then travel into the UK with the cat by the train, but I am unsure of the exact advantages of doing this or the feasibility of it. I am hoping perhaps some of you have done similar things, or if anyone could offer some advice or guidance upon how to most effectively get this done it would be appreciated.

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