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At what point is someone labelled cheap ?

Asked by AllAboutWaiting (377points) April 11th, 2011

Is simple bargain hunting enough, or does it involve a certain amount of shame and inconvenience ? Are there different rules for men and women ?

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Bargain hunting should never engender shame.

I would not bargain hunt to the point of inconvenience.

I see no gender differences.

Cheap is someone who does not tip enough or who never offers to pay.

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And, once again, I follow behind @marinelife , yelling:“Yeah! What she said!”

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I think everyone has a different definition of cheap, so this will be interesting. I call myself cheap all the time. I use it losely to describe that I still have a regular cell phone, because I am too cheap to pay for the monthly fees related to smart phones (although I am seriously, finally, thinking about getting one) and I won’t buy new TV’s, I still have the big old square ones, because they still work. I can afford any tv I want, and would prefer a narrow one in the room, but while the ones I have still work, I can’t just get rid of them, I am waiting for them to stop working. I guess I am more frugile, or pratical, I just can’t see spending unnecessary money, even when everyone around me has the new gadgets.

I also use coupons, try to buy on sale, I only eat out 2 times a week, my husband takes lunch to work, I closeoff part of my house in the winter to save on the heating bill, I do my own nails, sometimes my husband cuts my hair, we perm our hair at home, all sorts of things I do myself to save money.

I do however, tip well, to @marinelife point. I also pay for my music, I don’t try to get it for free. I think anyone who works hard should be paid for their work, just as I want to be paid fairly when I work.

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I describe my BIL as cheap. He hauls out a calculator on dinners out to figure out just how much he owes. He never kicks in the tip.

I call myself cheap jokingly, but I honestly think I’m just thrifty. Like @JLeslie I don’t have a smart phone. I can’t wrap my mind around paying through the nose for a phone plus texting plus, plus, plus. I have the temperature lowered in my house and everyone can put on a sweater on if they are cold.

But when it comes to gifts: price is only a small consideration as long as it isn’t bankrupting me. If someone is in need of cash, I’ll give it to them.

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@tranquilsea I always thought those calculator tip people are cheap too, but I have learned that some people really have no confidence in their math ability. Although, if he is leaving less than 17% in America, I still think that is cheap. Especially when peope have a coupon and tip on the amount after the coupon is taken out, I hate that.

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I definitely fit the label. I buy used, reuse, and do with out. Right now, the design on my t-shirt has white cracks in it, where the color is wearing off. I’m told that most people get rid of their shirts when the design cracks. My favorite bathrobe is frayed around the collar, but I have had it for years, and expect to get another several years out of it.

I reuse the plastic grocery bags, which are still free, by the way. I make my own gift cards and gift wrap from fabric.

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When they never even offer to pick up the tab at dinner. When they never buy a round of drinks.

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@JLeslie except this one is in finance lol.

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When they buy Kroger brand waffles instead of Eggo. There is nothing worse.

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@CBrennan15 Oh, Good Answer. My grandson brought home some house brand waffles last month and after the first taste, his brother refused to eat them.

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When they compromise quality for price when they can afford it.

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You usually get what you pay for.

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