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Did you feel the earthquake Friday?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) April 20th, 2008

I was just wondering who felt it. I heard it could be felt all the way to Atlanta.

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I’m in MO (north of STL) and we felt it here. Actually, I didn’t. I slept through the whole thing. But my husband said it woke him…the bed was shaking like crazy. STL news interviewed people who were up waking their kids and moving to a safe spot. We were all sound asleep, except him. I cracked up when he said he thought it was the wind. lol ;) He went back to bed. It’s funny what your mind tells you when you’re half asleep.

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I was way out of range.

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I didn’t feel it, but then, if it had reached across the Atlantic it’d probably something like what Al’s been talking about…

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My in-laws in Louisville,KY were awakened by their bed shaking. That would be freaky!

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I didn’t, but then I am on the other side of the planet so I don’t expect to feel it. Maybe it will come next week some timne567 rrfjkhc%.... there it goes. Yeah I’ve felt it now.

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Yeah. I felt it. At first I thought it was one of my roommates masturbating VIOLENTLY.

Then I remembered that one of my roommates had his girlfriend over. Then I thought “That’s some FREAKY SEX!!!”

Then I thought “Nah. Can’t be one of them. They wouldn’t be going for this long. Must be an earthquake.”

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My mom claims to have felt it. I was asleep during the time though.

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I am in Atlanta. I did not feel it, but I think my dog did. He woke me up with barking at around the time of the quake. I couldn’t figure out what he was barking about, then I saw the quake on the news.

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I didn’t feel it here in California. Imagine that.

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It woke me up
I got mad because i thought they were blasting for the new bypass at 5 AM
I live in southern middle Tennessee

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