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What kind of entertainment would you expect to find at a 3 star hotel?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21643points) April 11th, 2011

Hi all, long time no see.

I have not been around so much lately because I have just started a new job. I am now the entertainment manager for a 3 star hotel.

Before I started the job the hotel only had a couple of things to keep people enterteined.

Those things were:

Mon: 2 games of bingo followed by a magic show.
Tue: A quiz followed by a DJ.
Wed: 2 games of bingo followed by karaoke.
Thu: A quiz followed by 4 games of bingo.
Fri: 2 games of bingo followed by a quiz.
Sat: 2 games of bingo followed by a singer.
Sun: 2 games of bingo followed by a band.

I have now been doing the job for just over a month, and I have instated many more things. As well as the aforementioned we now also have billiards competitions, shooting competitions (air rifles), beach games, pool games, excursions, and a couple of other things.

I’m basically looking for more things to add to the weekly entertainment. So, what kind of entertainment would you expect to find in a 3 star hotel?

Bonus Question: What kind of entertainment would you expect to find in a 4 star and 5 star hotel? (in case I decide to push the boat out).

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It depends on the location of the hotel. If it’s in the city, I wouldn’t expect anything,

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@bob_ It’s in Spain, on the island of Mallorca, in a town called Cala Millor

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1.) What country are we talking about?
2.) What is the market mix? Are most of the customers from your country, and if not, where are they from?
3.) Why are customers staying at the hotel? Is it for business or is it for vacation?

Edit: Thank you. I see that #1 has been answered.

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1— Spain, the hotel is right on the beach
2— 99% of customers are from the UK, in the age group of 35 – 90
3— They are all there on vacation for 1 to 5 weeks.

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@ucme I think that video gave me and STD some how. Trippy stuff.

(I have actually considered some light airobics for mornings)

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@poisonedantidote Happy to, err….help?

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Try a “cooking show” have the Executive chef do a local dish, close down bar area and have people gather around the bar.
Open bar after “show”

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks.

Actually, i forgot to mention, we cook a big paella on wednesday at 1pm. Its not really considered entertainment, just like the BBQ is also not considered entertainment. But we do teach how to cook paella and how to BBQ our recipes.

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Close the bar down!? Are you insane!?

The demographic is British people on holiday!

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Just some thoughts—if I were staying there for a few weeks, I might like to see any of the following:

star-gazing under the direction of an astronomer
maybe some history of the area
learning the crafts of the local artisans
movies under the stars (or in the pool—I’ve seen hotels offer these as “dive-by” movies)

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At a 3 star hotel, all I would expect is a clean room, comfortable bed, free wifi, a continental breakfast, and a piano bar. I am figuring you are not the attraction, you are simply the accommodations.

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Thank you for the additional information. You have just described my partner’s parents, who are from England and spend 2–3 months abroad and usually in Spain.

What I learned from being in the hotel business for over 25 years is to listen to your guests. Find out what they want. When there are guests that are staying more than a day or two, call them up and find out what they want and need. It could be something as simple as more hangers for the closet. Go talk to them in person to find out what would make their stay more enjoyable. Check back with them throughout their stay. Follow up with the person on each suggestion that they make. People like to know that their suggestion has been heard and what the status of it is.

Some suggestions that you might be able to do:
* Be able to recommend and arrange site-seeing. You need to visit all of these places yourself. This also applies to restaurants.
* Does the hotel have a store? If so, find out what your long-term guests like and have it in stock. It could be anything from a brand of soda to contact lens solution.
* Being so close to the beach, there are plenty of opportunities. Frisbees (with the hotel name on it), bocce ball sets, volley ball sets, kite-flying, and paddle-ball come to mind. Hold a sand sculpture contest. Rent beach towels, umbrellas, chairs, boogie boards, kayaks, etc.
* If the hotel doesn’t have a consistent wireless internet connection, fight for it. Over 54% of guests will not return or recommend a hotel if they have a bad internet connection experience. This percentage has probably gone up since I last read it.

As for moving up from a 3-star, learn about the standards in Spain. Here in the US, the qualifications are specific. Some of them are offering 24-hour food service, having a golf course, etc. These are things that are only in control of the hotel owner. Your job is to focus on customer satisfaction. This can be accomplished by listening to your guests’ needs and following up.

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You can always give them a LARGE glass before the show.

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Flamenco lessons? Seriously though, dance lessons could be fun. I was taught the tango on a cruise.

3 star I don’t expect much, but since this is a resort, I guess it makes sense to have some fun stuff to do.

A game of who am I? Depending on how international the guests are it mightor might not work. You tape the name of someone well known to each persons back, and then they ask other people yes or no questions to figure out who they are (whose name is taped to their own back).

Newlywed game? 3 or 4 couples play as teams to win a prize. Usually funny for people to watch. One one spouse in each couple is taken away out of ear shot why the other spouses answer questions about sex, favorite food, in-laws, and friends. Then the other spouse comes back, sees if they guess right, and gets points.

Volleyball, if you don’t already have it. Morning exercise on the beach.

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How about a tour bus to the local winery or distillery. With the distillery or winery paying for bus ( I have been to brewery and a distillery from a resort ) Yes, it was a “merry merry” time coming back from distillery, all bottle goods were stored before boarding.

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No drinking on the coach? What kind of fucked up holiday is that!?

If we wanted party-pooping regulations, we’d be going on holiday to the USA, not Spain!

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@The_Idler You got to carry one glass, it was a short trip.
Bus driver didn’t want to clean up big messes.

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hah I was kidding, it’s a good idea…

There must be some wine-tasting possibilities about on Mallorca, I’d say…

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Sandwich making contest, followed by a sandwich eating contest.

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I think the paella event sound great. I might even go to the place just for that.

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@The_Idler I knew you were, but you are right British in warm weather on a holiday for one to five weeks.

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There is a motel in Nashville that has a sign at its front door. The sign reads…...........

“Come sleep where the stars sleep”.

Now you gotta ask yourself this question. This motel is a flophouse. One star at the most and nothing more.

Oh, I get it. “Where the stars sleep”.

They did not mean movie stars, but Porno Stars.

Now, I understand.

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