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How do people add so many cool effects to Windows 7?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) April 11th, 2011

I’ve seen loads of videos where the start menu opens with a super cool effect, or windows minimize/maximize in really cool ways. Is there a program that people use to customize these things? How do people do it?

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Lots of different programs are used to customize all of those little differences. Searching for those changes on the internet is the best way of finding what you want, and you can find a lot of those on

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WindowFX comes to mind.

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Windows Vista and 7 run the new Aero interface. Depending on the processing power of your machine, some of the more whiz-bang elements of the Aero interface may be disabled by Windows. The requirements are listed here:

Also, you can bring up your Windows Experience Index:
1. right-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop, and select Properties
2. note the numeric rating listed in the System section

My Dell E6400 laptop has a combined Windows Experience Index of 3.4 and so it can work with the menu animations, translucent windows, etc. of the Aero Glass theme. For a Windows 7 machine, the highest possible score is 7.9.

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@robmandu I think mine is 5.9 or something.

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@XOIIO, try this article, especially the part where it talks about troubleshooting problems with Aero.

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@jaytkay Cool., not quite it though.

@robmandu well aero works, I just haven’t really seen ways to change the start menu animations and such.

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way miss, 4.4

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