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Got any suggestions which song/piece of music I can put to my alarm?

Asked by rebbel (28734points) April 12th, 2011

I really dislike most pre-installed alarm sounds in my phone, so I want to add a nice piece of music to it in order to wake up gently, without feeling panicky and stressed from the go.
Can you recommend me something?
What I am looking for: soft, low tempo, sweet(?), but if you surprise me with something which has none of the before mentioned…., be my guest!
Thank you in advance.

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When I was in highschool I had a radio alarm. I woke up so happy one morning when the radio greeted me with
Open The Door and Come on in by Judy Collins

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Thank you much @seazen_, nice one, i only think i have to play it a thousand times before this one (a Dutch Sinatra clone who had a major hit with it some decades ago) gets replaced by yours.
I will have a browse around her, @seazen_.

Beautiful, @Judi , the intro is perfectly long enough to enjoy and hit snooze!
After the intro it is a nice song too, by the way.

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She’s a great singer from Canada – youtube her other songs – especially “cry if you want to”.

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This is the song that I wake up to, but that’s probably a bit more in-your-face than you’re looking for. Might I suggest some Polyphonic Spree?

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Number 1 would make for a great suggestion for future phone manufacturers to add to their annoying alarm sounds no offence.
The intro to number 2 however definitely makes it to my phone!

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How’s about this…....? Meant in a completely non patronising way of course :¬)

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@rebbel None taken. I’m the kind of person that needs to be kicked in the pants before I wake up, so I tend towards alarms like that :P

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Hrmmm, maybe in my iPhone7…...
Thanks anyway, nice try :-)

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Alarm clocks are for waking up and I use this one strictly for Monday Mornings

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Buckethead has some great relaxing guitar music. I particularly like Big D’s Touch. If you want something softer still, check out Electric Tears, or if you want something with a little more energy, maybe Soothsayer.

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How about the Washington Post March?

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Amon Tobin’s Easy Muffin is one that immediately comes to mind for me. It’s kinda soft and jazzy, I guess.

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I wouldn’t mind waking up to this

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@JustJessica ; That would make me throw things!

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I wake up to ocean sounds. Not the same track that I’ve just linked, but similar. It’s quite nice, really.

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I really enjoy “What If You” by Joshua Radin!

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