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How do I maintain my goal weight?

Asked by miki (210points) April 12th, 2011

I’ve been working out and watching what I eat. So far, I’ve lost 7.6 lbs. I’ve dropped the weight really fast and I’m afraid that if I stop this regimen, I’ll just balloon up all over again. So once I reach my goal weight, how can I maintain it, without waisting away loosing too much?

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Keep exercising daily.
Don’t eat white carbs, like commercially-made breads, pastas, potatoes, white rice, etc.
Look out for high fructose corn syrup in your food, and don’t eat products made with it.

Basically, just stay away from processed food as much as possible, eat lots of vegetables and keep fit.

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Also I found for me its all about moderation. Don“t change radically from what you are doing now. Add some items take some others away until you find a comfortable balance. I agree try to keep natural and the fewer processed foods you can eat the better. Best of luck

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Do this calculator. It will figure out how many calories you need per day depending on how much exercise you do.

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I’m afraid that if I stop this regimen, I’ll just balloon up all over again. You bet you will.

The key to maintaining your desired weight is to actually modify your eating habits and never go back to your old way of eating which is what got you to gain all that unwated weight to begin with. Also, exercise regularly. Never forget the basics: eat veggies & fruit, drink lots of water, cut down on high carbs & sodas. Keeping your ideal weight is an ongoing process.

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The blue Spongebob provided a great tip!

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Weight maintenance is a basic balance of enery in vs. energy out.

The units of energy used by our body are calories. Eating food brings calories into your body for energy, and exercising burns calories to give you the energy to move.

Folks gain weight by having a positive enery balance (ie: they are taking in more calories than they are burning off- so the body stores the energy as fat)

Conversely, you lose weight by having a negative energy balance (ie: you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning off- therefore your body utilizes the energy stored in any excess fat burning it off)

And folks that maintain their weight have a nuetral weight balance (ie: you maintain a consistent diet, that is complemented by your exercise regiment)

If you decrease 500 calories from your energy balance each day (by consuming fewer calories, and/or burning more calories through exercise) you should lose 1–2 pounds per week. Which is a healthy pace for weight loss.

Don’t fall for any fad or magic bullet program that has you dropping 20 pounds in 10 days. You will shock your metabolism, and you can bet that all that weight will come back (plus a few pounds).

Once you reach your healthy (not emaciated) goal weight, you’ll need to balance out what your sustainable diet and exercise regimen will be. I recommend you talk with a registered dietitian if you need help setting goals.

Good luck!

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You have to keep up the regime. Diet and exercise are not an occasional thing its a lifestyle.

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@erichw1504 Geez…I’m supposed to be in disguise…You caught me! Don’t spread the word :)

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Don’t give up exercise, drink a lot of water and try to be selective when it comes to the food you eat by leaving out sweets, fried food and other types of fat food.Also try to eat more veggies and fruits.

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Thanks to everyone for all the great advice. Also, what’s the deal with carbs? Are there good carbs and bad carbs?

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@miki Yes, some are heavier than others. Here is some basic info.

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Also eating to much of the bad carbs can actually lead to Diabetes. I don’t know if it always leads to it or if you have to be genetically
predisposed, but I take Actos (a diabetes drug) and am
classified as having metabolic
syndrome, which I call
“diabetes light”. My doctor said that there is a link. I’m not positive, though, of which came first. Craving carbs, or diabetes.

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There are no ‘bad’ foods. Just bad eating habits.

Cookies and white bread won’t give you diabetes and heart disease, but eating unbalanced quantities of these food items with a lack of other nutrient dense foods and a lack of exercise will.

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Allow for occasional treats that are not ginormous( one brownie or candy bar once in a while ) . Keep eating nutritiously and keep a food and activity journal so you can make adjustments as needed. Better yet don’t bring food into yourhouse that you can’t do moderation on that’s always like a loosing battle.not 4)

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