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What are the effects that imperialism had on their ruling nations and subject populations?

Asked by kb12345 (429points) April 12th, 2011

I need help with a grad school assignment. I was behind in this chapter and just need some info to get me going. Ruling nations= Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary.

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For ruling nations
-Strong sense of Nationalism
-Vast increase to natural resources and production
-Military nation mentality

Subject Nations
-“Defeated” nation mentality
-Loss of natural resources, production, and often freedom

Kind of basic, I imagine you can come up with far better ones. And which Germany and Russia are you referring too? The Nazis or the Prussians, the Soviets or the Czar?

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Gee, just look up King Leopold of Belgium. What he did in the Congo should’ve, by rights, had him drawn and quartered.

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Which era of ruling? Russia’s dominance of Eastern Europe after world war II stifled those nations economies. It kept them as poor as Russia. It established all kinds of unpopular puppet governments.

For Russia, it provided a buffer between them and any aggression by the West.

If you’re talking about the 19th century, then you’ve got exploitation of resources, especially in the South. I don’t remember when Belarus and Ukraine became a part of Russian, but that also was a kind of exploit the serfs thing. The Tsars were not nice people.

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Institutional Racism

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New food culture. I know Senegal and Vietnams exchanged a handful of food traditions after mutual colonization by the French. Spanish conquest of Mexico and the Philippines had similar results. I bet you can find examples of that anywhere.

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