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What fears would you like to get over?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 12th, 2011

This question is what inspired me to ask. What fears do you have that you would like to get over? What is preventing you from living life to the fullest?

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I get really insecure around people that I am attracted to…

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@yankeetooter I just recently got over that fear! I wish you luck on overcoming it as well.

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I swim in the ocean but am very afraid of sharks.
I am also afraid of bears but l wear a pork chop necklace in bear country to get over that fear too;)

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My fear of failure is probably the biggest thing holding me back from being successful. Ironic, no?
I have pretty major general health paranoia – I constantly think that the smallest twinge means I’m going to die, or worse, be in miserable pain my whole life.
I think I have some slight social anxiety going on, but I’m getting better about that.
And I’m super phobic of spiders. That’s not exactly preventing me from living life to the fullest, but it’s not helping me, either.

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@Mariah I definitely understand how you feel. I have a HUGE fear of failure. I cannot seem to break it either. I’ve got a case of social anxiety too, but being in college kind of helps with getting over that. One of my biggest fears is of hypodermic needles. I honestly cannot even think of getting a shot without passing out.

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Wasps, I mean it’s time to act when you’ve dislocated your shoulder this many times. Not to mention poking the eyes out of innocent bystanders with my demented whirlwind dance of despair.

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I’m horrified of caterpillars. I was in New Mexico a few weeks ago, walking to a natural hot spring on the side of a mountain in the middle of the night under the big beautiful sky filled with stars, enjoying myself to no end, when OH NO, what did I just shine my light on? TWO CATERPILLARS. I flipped my wig. I barely enjoyed the hot spring once we got to it, and when I got out I had to go over every square inch of my clothing before putting it on to make sure there were no beasts on it. I know it is a silly fear, spiders, centipedes, nothing else bothers me even close to as much as caterpillars to. But I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I just don’t see it happening. :(

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@KatetheGreat Yeah! College is the reason why I say I’m getting better about that.

@ucme You got a GA from me for “demented whirlwind dance of despair.” Priceless.

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@deni Caterpillars!?! But they’re such cute, little, fuzzy creatures! Well I hope you do get over that fear. They’re just harmless little buggers.

@ucme Ughhh, wasps freak me the hell out.

@Mariah College has definitely helped me. Whenever I was in high school, it was definitely a problem for me. Now it seems that we are forced to be social to survive!

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@Mariah The wife will testify that it’s a pathetic hilarious sight to behold :¬(
I was tempted to join your quest for folks who fear stuff. Alas for me there is no hope XD
@KatetheGreat I despise the little buggers.

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@KatetheGreat CUTE!!! ewww. For a while I tried doing a bunch of cute little drawings of caterpillars so that when I saw when I would picture it as this cute cartoon…did not work at all.

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@deni Awww :( Well you must see some of the ugly caterpillars!

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@ucme I get all kung-fu kid when wasps are about. Ugh, hopefully I’ll get over that one.

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1. Leaving my house
2. Anything new
3. My kids leaving the house
4. Falling on my face
5. Being the fattest person at a function
6. Meeting new people
7. Last but not least ZOMBIES

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I would like to get rid of my fears in general. I think I have anxiety, because I always obsess and worry over one specific thing, but then when I solve the problem, I think of something else to worry about. It’s annoying…

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@Drewseph I totally understand that, as I was typing my list I realized I could have kept going on and on and on.

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Fear of public speaking….basically stage fright. Everybody says I give good speeches and jam on guitar like there is no tomorrow but the entire time is agony and I shake like a leaf for 30 minutes after. In the end it is a thrill but it sure doesn’t feel that way while doing it!

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I cannot watch a scary movie. I would like to get over that. Scary movies… well… they scare me! And forever haunt my thoughts! Every time my friends are like “Let’s go see this Saw/Paranormal movie” I have to say No because I’m too damn scared of them!

:( I’m such a scaredy cat!

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Irrational fear: drowning in the open ocean because the boat I’m in sinks. I could solve this by learning to swim and maybe going for a sail or something. Maybe whale watching?

Another irrational fear: rejection/flirtations. I’m simply awful at doing anything that involves a member of the opposite sex that I’m romantically interested in. I’m trying to get over this by talking to people more, but it’s difficult. There’s also this stupid doubt of mine that I’m not interesting or attractive enough to be wanted, and so I’ll be rejected. Totally working on this, though!

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Rejection.. I knows it’s not the end of the world. But try telling my brain that.

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@stardust Sounds like we’d make a decent tag team.

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