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What are you addicted to?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) April 12th, 2011

Any category…

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I am not addicted to anything. :)

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Hugs from my kids! Can’t get enough of them! My 14 yr old still hugs his daddy! I am so lucky!!

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Fluther, Jellybeans, and shooting stuff.

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I might as well face it: I’m addicted to love.

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My daughters laughter, its music to my ears

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Rubbing my cat’s belly
Watching figure skating on TV
The Nanny
Cooking and finding recipes
Dreaming about camping
Watching Alan Rickman movies

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I gave up soda for Lent, but I can tell you that caffiene still has me in it’s sway. Somedays I crave Diet Pepsi so bad it’s not funny…

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Cigarettes and beer. Horror movies.

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The Wire
Nurse Jackie
The Walking Dead

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oxygen ! and coffee. some moments not in that order

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Buying ammo, even the cheap Russian stuff.

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@woodcutter What Russian ammo do you use?

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@woodcutter I’ve not used it before, but I heard it’s pretty dirty.

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@KatetheGreat It’s a bit dirty but not bad. The steel cases don’t expand, as well as real brass, to seal the chamber so you do get some blowback into the bolt and receiver. It is sometimes inconsistent as far as accuracy goes partly due to that, as well as I think the projectiles may have some inconsistencies in the seating in the case as well as diameter but it always goes bang and feeds perfectly in my Siminova and Kalashnikov’s. It’s cheap(?) and non corrosive and really it’s accurate enough for “minute of man” shots. “Barnaul” is almost the same stuff also from Russia. I hope there is never an import ban on these because it is what most people use with their semi-autos for plinking and all round shooting and still relatively cheap. I tend to keep my weapons pretty cleaned maintained so any ammo related crud is no bother for me. It’s all good.

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@woodcutter Yeah, it’s relatively cheap. I was always concerned about using the cheap Russian import. If you can find Golden Bear, it’s not as bad as the others.

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@KatetheGreat I have alot of Golden Bear. And some Brown Bear, Silver Bear. (All the “Bears”) Also Golden Tiger which is my favorite. Also Ulyanovsk “military classic” which is a Wolf brand as well as Tula. I have some of the surplus Serbian M-67 ball that IS brass cased and better in terms of accuracy and is loaded a bit hotter than the Russian ammo But it is corrosive and makes it imperative residue is cleaned away soon after done firing if you don’t want rust to form inside. Sometime the Russian ammo will not work as well in American weapons which is fine, I don’t have any. Russian ammo and Russian guns…It doesn’t get any better than that :)

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@woodcutter I use the “bears” whenever I’m just screwing around with my guns. The copper cased ammo is what I usually use for competitions. I have a few American guns, but I don’t really mess with them much. You’re right, Russian is the way to go.

If you want to talk anymore about guns & ammo, I think it’d be polite to message me. We’ve totally derailed this thread! Hahahaha.

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@KatetheGreat Well the thread was about addictions was it not?

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Drugs, sex, skateboarding, risky behavior, nerds candy, metal, violence, guns, boobs,

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Diet Mountain Dew and Angry Birds

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