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What did you get in trouble for the most when you were a small kid?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25331points) April 12th, 2011

Not when you were a teenager or college student. I’m talking age 11 and below. What sort of thing did you get in trouble for most often?

Being messy? Running around naked? Breaking valuables at your grandparent’s house?

For me it always seemed to be spilling the beans. I got in trouble for telling my preschool class that Santa wasn’t real, for explaining where babies came from to my neighbor when we were 7, I didn’t even show the Tooth Fairy any mercy.

What about you?

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I don’t remember at all. I didn’t get in trouble much when I was very little. Certainly not something I did or said consistently.

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Touching my lady bits. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it felt good!

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Beating up my siblings…I got to know all too well the sting of what my mom really meant when she said “STOP HITTING YOUR SISTER”!

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Reading…I know this sounds weird, but I’ll explain. I loved to read so much that I would stay up to all hours of the night reading. My little sister shared a room with me for a while, and went through the usual “afraid of the dark” routine. For a nightlight, my mother put one of those Christmas candles with a white bulb on the dresser. The room was too bright for my taste, so I would stay up reading (probably why I’ve worn glasses all my life, lol!). One time I got tired of straining my eyes, so I thought, why not go in the bathroom. I mean, there’s a built in seat and the lighting’s a whole lot better, right? I was in there at 1:00 a.m. reading, when my mother came in and caught me and laid me out (verbally). I never did that again…


Making a mess in the kitchen while making delectable snacks for myself.

Pretending to be sick to avoid going to school.

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Fighting with my two younger brothers. I could get one or the other to join forces with me against the other. We fought every time my parents went out, until the day the two boys joined forces against me. One of them landed a blow to my stomach and I sat down and acted as if I was really hurt. I knew I couldn’t beat the two of them. That was the last time we fought.

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It is interesting, because looking back, we never got in trouble for fighting. We did plenty of fighting, being all girls… but if you got hurt, don’t go running to mom, because she was just going to say “that’s what you get!”

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Depends on whose house I was at. My parents were divorced and my dad was super authoritarian while my mom was not. I lived with my mom on the weekdays and my dad on weekends.

At mom’s, I’d never get in trouble because I never actually did anything. I was afraid of a lot of stuff when I was a kid, so I just stayed inside drawing or building things. I was really quiet, too, and I have no siblings, so there was nothing to do.

Dad’s house was a different story. I’d get in trouble for everything there…. everything from staying inside too much to “blasphemy,” to using too much toilet paper, to taking too long to fall asleep.

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Getting lost. I always wandered away and my dad would get so pissed.

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Talking all the time. I would constantly talk while in school and home with family. I would interrupt the adults while they were talking just so I could join in.

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I had a habit of getting into trouble for fighting. Nobody insulted me and got away with it. I was made fun of, picked on and boys tried using me as a punching bag. I had to stand my ground. My parents never really punished me because I was protecting myself.

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I never really got in trouble as a kid, but I’m making up for it now by doing things that could get me in trouble. It’s fun =)

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I was five and my sister sister was two. She had really pretty curly blond hair. We decided to play barbershop. I cut her hair across the front to her scalp. My mom beat my ass with aleather belt. When dad got home from work he beat my ass with his bare hands. By far the most angry and corporal punishment dished out on me in a days time. Belts hurt.

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I went into the bushes with a girl from our neighbourhood, romantic sonbitch huh? She showed me her “front botty” & I afforded her a one way ticket to penisville. My mother found out & let it be known that I was a dirty birdy. A little harsh considering I was only 27½ at the time XD

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Talking. I never stopped. @Seaofclouds , were we separated at birth?

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Arguing with my sister. She’s 7 years older than I am, so when she was going through her difficult early teen years, I was, like, six. Tough combination.

When I was really little, I for in trouble for whatever she blamed me for.

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