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Questions about my income taxes?

Asked by AshlynM (10190points) April 12th, 2011

So my tax preparer just sent me a copy of my federal and state returns. I have 2 sets of papers, they are both the same, however…one is in a blue folder marked client copy and another set is stapled together with a note saying where I need to sign them.

He also provided a stamped, addressed envelope to the department of revenue for Indiana.

I have the e signature authorization form 8879, which I already signed and sent back to the guy who did my taxes.

I believed my tax guy efiled for me so I do I really need to sign the papers he sent me as well and send them to the stamped, addressed envelope he provided? My returns are for Indiana.

I’m a little confused. If he efiled, why would I need to sign my taxes and send to DOR in IN?

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With all the government shutdown talk last week maybe they were worried (some government sites were going to be closed) that it might not get processed with e-file.

I would just spend the two minutes to call and ask in the morning.

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Some states require an 8453-OL to submit to them if you’ve e-filed. If this was one of the forms your tax preparer provided you with, it’s wise to mail it to the state agency. If you owe a payment to the state agency, you’ll have to mail a voucher and your payment to the address listed on the voucher.

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If you have the phone number of your tax guy, call him and ask.

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Call him and ask him.

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You only have to send paperwork to the fed if you owe them money if you already efiled,

Each state is different so I have no idea about your state. I agree call your accountant.

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You need to talk to your tax preparer.

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