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Chicas, on a scale from 1-10, how much of a tomboy would you say that you are?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 13th, 2011

Just for fun. :)

I’ve been one all of my life. I would say about a 6–7. :)

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I’d say a five.Right in the middle.I like girly things but am not afraid to get dirty.

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More or less

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On the outside probably about a 5. On the inside maybe a 3. I hate sports and doing any kind of manual labor, but my jeans and sneakers, and lack of makeup, usually gives another impression.

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I’m with @lucillelucillelucille. I love “girly” things, like shopping for purses and shoes and I love zebra print and hot pink! But I also love climbing trees and havin a beer with my hubby and his “boys”, and fishing and shooting guns… so I guess I’m somewhere smack in the middle.

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Around a 7.

I play with dangerous weapons, I like to get dirty, I LOVE hiking and doing outdoorsy things. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup anymore and I’m definitely not that girly anymore.

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I dunno! I have a lot of interests that might stereotypically be considered “male” (although I kind of think that’s crap) but I also love a good sundress.

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4–5. My guy loves the girlie-girl in me but also that I can get grubby now and then and think it’s fun.

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8 or 9, if we accept all the stereotypes. I never wear dresses, makeup, or perfume. I don’t carry a purse. I get excited over power tools. I’m not scared of spiders. I can wrestle a stubborn goat to the ground, train a retriever to fetch, change the oil, and fix a leaky faucet. I am not scared of blood, love to hike and camp and get dirty.

I don’t drink or smoke, and I’m not a lesbian. That probably keeps me from being a 10 :>)

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Looks-wise, I would say feminine. I do wear make-up, and paint my toenails.

I hate shopping for clothes, though. Could care less about fashion, really.

I like to get outside and get dirty. I like manual labor (all 5’2”/115 lbs of me). I also like to garden, like home decorating, and love plants and flowers/aesthetics.

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I’m a 5 right in the middle. Yes, I like to dress up when need and I also like to get dirty, drink with the boys.

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Probably around a 5. @tinyfaery described me pretty accurately when she described herself.

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uh, a 3 I guess. I always wear makeup and fix my hair when I go anywhere or else I’d look like an old witch. I like pedicures and jewelry and don’t “like” to get my hands dirty ; but I enjoy planting things in the dirt. I like a spray of perfume sometimes so I’ll give it a 3.

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9. I love mud. Grew up in a racing family so I can fix motors. I’m the house fix-it/weekend plumber/DIYer. I prefer to have sandals on in the garden when doing all of my yard projects so I can feel the earth under my feet. I love hardware stores, power tools, yard tools…

Like @crisw, I’d consider myself a 10, but I think that might include taking “tom boy” to the next level.

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4? I’m not that masculine or feminine, really.

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Gah I hate doing anything physical that isn’t sex. XD I don’t mind getting dirty though.

Wow this is coming out so wrong…coming out. Lawl.

I’d say a 2, maybe a 3, but not much more than that. When I was younger though, I looooved climbing things. I think that made me a tomboy, at least partially? Messing around in construction sites, climbing underneath big bridges, getting on top of roofs and everything. That was like my outside hobby. I used to do trees too, until I fell out of one and broke my wrist. After that, I learned not to defy nature, and stick to man made things, for they were made by man, and may be conquered by tomboys!

Of course I don’t do that anymore…got busted a couple of times, but nothing ever really happened to me. I would still do it, but a grown woman climbing around might just be really messed up. :/

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Yeah, I’d probably in the red zone on the meter. I’ve never been really girly, much to my mother’s dismay and I shed so much blood doing non-girly things that it was a revelation to me to realize I good donate some officially without staining carpets and the like.

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Yeah, about a 4.

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Probably a 5. I rarely wear makeup, except for going out to fancy restaurants or for a play or the symphony (which unfortunately I don’t get to do very often). I prefer jeans and T-shirts, but I love lovely dresses (especially vintage dresses and purses), they’re just too uncomfortable and impractical. I do not ever wear high heels, I hate them. I never wear lipstick (even if I’m going out somewhere fancy, because I hate it) I love to go hiking and camping, but I need to be near a real bathroom with a hot shower. I hate most sports like baseball, football and basketball, but I love figure skating and gymnastics. I hate most shoot ‘em up types of movies with car crashes and violence and prefer English period pieces and romantic comedies, but I do love The Blue Collar Comedy shows, especially Bill Engvall. In general, I don’t enjoy getting dirty, but I don’t mind when I am gardening. So I guess that puts me right in the middle.

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In my mind, a 10.

To me, a tomboy has nothing to do with looks.

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I’d say about a 3. I do mostly girly things. I do like to do some “boy” things though; I played rugby and I like going dirtbiking with my guy friends. I don’t like staying out there for hours though and eventually I just want to go home and shower and cuddle with someone. I don’t like the heat, I don’t like bugs (except for ladybugs, rollie pollies, and fireflies) or snakes (aside from really big ones like boas) or frogs, I don’t like getting caked in mud, I don’t like feeling gross or sticky, I don’t enjoy manual work. Conversely, I wear makeup, style my hair, wear girly clothes, paint my nails, cry during chick flicks, love high heels and purses, and own way too many pairs of underwear and bras.
…. I hope you all still like me. I may be girly, but I’m by no means a prissy bitch. :)

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Depends on the day. Today I was at 5.

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I’m probably a 7 or 8. I’ve always been a tomboy, but I used to be one hell of a made-up tomboy! Hair and make-up every day, back then. Nothing says you can’t be a pretty tomboy, right? I was just about the only girl to take weight lifting in school. I’ve never been big on dresses, but I did wear heels. Always had more guy friends than girls.

These days, I rarely wear make-up, my hair is always in a ponytail, and jeans & sneakers are my go to clothes. I’m the handy“man” and my husband is the cook. About three times a year, I get in a mood and paint my nails. That’s about as girly as I get.

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WTF??? After three years of talking to @Allie more than i talk to my mom I feel like the picture of her I had in my head was completely wrong.

Fantastic, I was going to get you a fishing pole for your birthday. But noooo, now I learn that you would rather have a purse. FML.

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I’d say a 9. I’m 47, and I still climb trees, play in the mud, rock climb….and I spent yesterday shopping for a motorcycle.

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I would say I’m about a 5

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10. The only thing girly about me is my long-ish hair—but that’s getting chopped off pretty soon. Aside from that, I’m a mess of gender contradictions. I couldn’t care less about sports, but playing them is fun sometimes, if it’s not seriously competitive (i.e. mainly for fun). I’m pretty much built like a boy with boobs, so I wear men’s clothes because they fit me better and I find them more comfortable. I wear women’s underwear.

I love hiking, camping, kayaking, exploring, horses/riding, and gardening. I don’t go out of my way to get dirty, but there are some activities I enjoy enough to feel that the dirtiness gained from them is good. I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs. I can be reduced to a screaming, helpless mess by the mere presence of spiders and ticks.

Anyway, I’m a girl-boy. Or boy-girl. :P

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@math_nerd Hope you still love me as much as I love you. xx

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My girlfriend and I just changed my brake pads and rotors. Because we live in the North,and with all of the salt on the roads in the Winter, the rotors seized (rusted), so, it was a bit of chore, but, we did it! It was fun getting our butch on, dressing in grubby clothes, and getting oily/dirty. Actually, kinda hot.

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Who said men are supposed to know how to do car stuff?

Also, fuck spiders.

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@bob_ Haha, nice. Spiders are awesome though.

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@Robert, I saved myself 200 bucks. I’m pretty damn happy about that. :)

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