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Is it possible to lose weight and still keep my "lady humps" ?

Asked by EtherRoom (384points) April 13th, 2011

I wanna lose weight but I’m scared my boobs and butt and curves will shrink… Can this happen ?

Most of the fat I wanna lose is in my stomach, arms, and legs. My measurement has always been 37 for breasts, and 38 for my hips/ butt, even when I was skinny.

Does anyone think If I lose 10pounds my boobs and butt will shrink ? I’m 132 right now and wanna get down to 120.

Or if I work out only my stomach ?

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What is your height?

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You can’t spot lose weight. Unless you have liposuction.

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I am 5’3 and weigh 131 right now—most(or all) of the fat is my stomach and belly, legs, and arms.

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When I was skinnier (115/120), my boobs and butt were the same measurements they are now, 37 inches for my top, and 38 inches for my hips—- so I’m thinking, If I get back down to my normal weight—will or can my boobs and butt stay the same size ??

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@missingbite – But I’m saying If I just work on my stomach will I lose weight there instead or everywhere else ?

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Actually, you can spot lose weight, but it can happen where you don’t want it, or not.

You can lose some and see what changes. I recommend doing what feels best to you, and avoid worrying about parts of the body.

Of course, some trainers will claim they can target body parts, but I think mainly they can target where (men, more than women) can gain muscle and tone, rather than where your body stores fat.

From what you just posted, I think your chances are very good that you’ll look about like you did when you were that weight before.

And if you’re worrying about the difference between 120 and 132 pounds and are American, I would bet at 6:1 odds that you are in great shape and have been hypnotized by media messages and cultural insanity into thinking you need to be rail thin or else you’ll be stigmatized as fat.

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And no, if you work on your stomach, your stomach will get stronger. Where your body chooses to store fat is different from where it chooses to build muscle.

On the other hand, mostly people (especially people who are afraid of being fat) subconsciously use their muscles to hold their stomach in most or all the time. So you could get better at that by strengthening your stomach. Also your back is used to hold in your stomach.

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@Zaku – I live in Hollywood lol.

I’ve gained 12 pounds and all of it is fat – I know this when I run or walk I can feel the fatness move.

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@Zaku – But there’s been instances where women work out or lose weight and they lose their boobs and butt correct ? I just don’t want that to happen. I want my stomach to be flat, and my legs to be slim, and to lose 10 pounds of fat- but not lose my breasts.

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@Zaku – If I do just sit ups that would target only my stomach, thus only my stomach would lose weight and be toned right ?

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modded by me

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It sounds to me like you naturally have an hour-glass figure @EtherRoom, as you lose, you’ll still keep your shape.

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I’m 5’3” and easily gain 12 lbs over the winter, then lose it over the summer. Just 12 lbs will make no difference with your lady humps. Don’t worry.

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If you are planning on losing 12 lbs on your stomach and quitting, don’t waste the effort. If you lose it, you’ll gain it right back. You did not state your age, but it doesnt really matter. The older we get, the more easily we gain weight.

There is only one answer. Get your whole body toned and strong. Build muscle (no, you will not look like a male bodybuilder) as it will burn more calories than fat and thereby tilt you toward staying trim. Once you start, then do it for the rest of your life. I started when I was 50, with a trainer, and have been doing it for 15 years, am trim and in the best shape of my life. You can do it too.

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^^my new role model =)

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I wouldn’t honestly worry about losing much weight. As long as you don’t let yourself go from where you’re at, you’re pretty much perfect (my ideal body in a female partner).

If you still want to lose some weight, I wouldn’t try for more than 10 or so pounds.

Walk a lot, it uses up stores of fat everywhere, and adds muscle to your butt, which would tone it (it wouldn’t lose its “bump” either as muscle would maintain the size). Sit ups and other ab work outs will take fat away from your stomach and tone it more, yes.

DON’T go on some ridiculously hardcore diet if you want to maintain your breasts. If you starve yourself your body will pull fat stores from all over your body to fill the gaps, including them. Obviously eat healthier if possible, and a slight diet will speed the process…. but doing one of these stupid “health bar and a juice for the day” diets won’t help.

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@EtherRoom Heh. For Hollywood, I offer 12:1 odds.

No, doing sit-ups or other targeted exercises may or may not reduce fat on the stomach. What it will do though is strengthen those muscles, which may make it easier to hold your tummy in all day.

Often, when someone unintentionally loses their butt and boobs by exercising, it’s because they exercised too much. (Or are unlucky: there are also people who just dislike their own body appearance, and/or it does odd things like lose fat only from the places they don’t want it to.)

Remember that what you care about is your health, how you feel, and how you look. A common mistake is to use the scale’s opinion. One basic problem with the scale is that muscle weighs more than fat, and the scale only gives you your total weight (muscle + fat + skeleton + clothes + fluids + food + poop). If you choose a weight target and then exercise, you build muscle, which makes you denser, so you will need to lose more fat to make your weight the same, which can mean by the time you are 120 lbs again, you might have no boobs because you worked off too much to compensate for the weight of your new muscle. You’d do better to use a tape measure than a scale. It’s would be fine to weigh even more than you do, if your shape is what you want.

Of course there is the danger of looking at your own body and seeing problems where no one else does. I live far from Hollywood, but I still know many women who have awesome healthy bodies, on the thin side, but who complain and suffer and stress out when they see themselves in a mirror, buy clothes that are a size too small, deprive themselves of food, etc. And when they talk to each other, they often validate each others’ madness.

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@tedd is right on the walking. That alone may resolve the problem at 21. Drink lots of water, walk and work out with weights to add muscle. Forget diets. When you go to buy something in the grocery store, check the fat grams. If more than 6 grams don’t buy it. Don’t eat white potatoes. They are like eating sugar in the way the body processes them. Eat a sweet potato. The burn fat. As for fruit stay away from the melons and eat citrus, grapefruits especially. All of this is what a nutritionist told me. I did and started eating in a low glycemic way (low sugar) and lost weight. I was also working out though.

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Look to be honest i am only just 15 but i’m 6ft or there abouts, i’m quite curvy and i’ve lost weight recently and i’m happy with my size, i kept my boobs and i kept my curvy figure i just leaned up, look up healthy ways to loose weight using lots of fruit and excercise it really helps!

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