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Does Adele use the same music Bob Dylan wrote?

Asked by ro_bot (60points) April 14th, 2011

This is the song Adele plays (

And this is the sheet music (

I’ve tried to play it on the piano, but to me some of the chords don’t sound the same.

Am I just not playing it right? Or does she play some of them differently?

If you leave an answer, please listen to the song and read the sheet music (or even play it). I would be extremely happy if someone could answer my question.



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It’s probably not in the same key, as Adele has a different range and tone compared to Bob Dylan, but the progression is likely similar or the same.

My suggestion if you can is take the sheet music you have, figure out the basic progression and try transposing the progression into different keys to see if it sounds more like the Adele version.

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Here is my take on it.
I just listened to Bob Dylan version of it on Time out of Mind
I just listened to Adele sing it
I just played it on the piano

It is all the same. Simply a different key. The chord progressions are the same in all versions.

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@dverhey, thanks, but I can only play a few songs and that would probably take me to long. I just wanted to know if it was the same because I’m playing this song for my sister.

Thanks @blueiiznh! The exact answer I was looking for! I appreciate you taking the time in playing it. Now that I can play the intro and it sounds (kinda) similar (haha), I can see it’s the same.

Thanks guys!

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