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Of all the vehicles you owned (land based) which did you like or dislike the most?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) April 14th, 2011

Of all the vehicles I have owned the one I loved the most was my ’73 Dodge Challenger. I love the styling and the vinyl top. It had a 318 small block but it could get up and go. I wish I still had that car today. I have had many I really didn’t care for. I remember having a Valiant which I believe was a Plymouth, it was not sporty enough to me or enough trunk room and it was not a stick. About the same as the Mercury Sable wagon I had for a moment, it kind of handled like a box or block of wood. Which vehicle have you had (or have now) that gave (or gives) you fond memories or enjoyment and which one do you wish you never owned?

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I had a 1965 Corvair convertible and Ralph Nader be damned, I loved that car! It was sporty and the top was manual but went up and down so easily. It was zippy and economical. What more could you want!!!

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Like: Subaru Legacy 1995. Very durable and reliable.

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The car I enjoyed driving the most was an Ariel Atom.

The car I hated owning the most was also the Ariel Atom. It’s totally impractical for pretty much anything except going round a track. In bad weather you are totally screwed.

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I have a Mazda 3 Sport and it is zippy and comfy and I love driving it. Not an outlandish or unusual car but it feels good to drive.

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Mine would have to be the little Vauxhall MK111 Astra 1.7 TDi, with the Isuzu engine….. The one with the INTERCOOLER badge…. This little car took me all over the country in the five years I had it, past it’s test every time & I only ever had to replace one front strut……. Very nippy & could sit on 100mph all day given the chance… this was my first diesel car & the one that convinced me diesel was the way to go…. These engines are bullet proof & can stand up to almost anything that’s thrown at them. I always buy Tdi cars now, you just can’t fault their MPG & reliability :-/

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I have a little Citroen C3 diesel right now and I love it, goes about a 1000k on 35–37 liters. Plus I can take just about anyone away from the traffic lights. Love to whup on the young guys in their hot cars, they hate being beaten by a little old broad in a little blue Citroen!

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I’m with @rooeytoo.I like the ‘65 Corvair I have now and I like my Jeep.

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Best car I owned was a series 1 Mazda RX7— that was lots of fun. Worst was 1985 XF Falcon wagon with 3.3 litre six and 3 speed column shift manual- gutless, overheated, bits broke, and was impossible to park with no power steering.

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Loved my 1997 Ford F150, was less thrilled with the 1975 white station wagon I had to drive in high school (looked comparable to the ambulances of the day).

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Out of all of my cars, I’ve loved my 2004 Jeep Liberty. The one I’ve hated the most was probably 1976 Camaro. It always broke down on me :(

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I loved my 1979 Rx-7. In fact, I still have it (hey, I live in South Austin, having at least one sports car up on blocks beside one’s house is part of the redneck code).

I have kept it around believing that because it was the first production year of this rotory engine sports car it would eventually become a classic. Alas, the resale value has never quite reached the point where it is worth sinking the cash into full restoration.

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My 1968 Camaro was my favorite by a long shot. My Toyota 4 Runner was my “best” vehicle…always started and virtually indestructible. Ran that thing into the ground and took me over 10 years to do so.

My Chevy S-10 although a nice vehicle was an overall disappointment. Just fell apart after only 80,000 miles. POS.

On my 3rd Ford SUV now…all great vehicles but never owned one long enough to see what they are really made of.

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This is a toughie. The top contenders would be a 1979 Mazda RX-7, 1987 Honda CRX Si, a 1997 Pontiac Trans-Am and the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT.

The RX-7 was fun to drive, pretty quick, and was the absolute best car for driving in snow that I’ve driven.

The CRX was so short that parallel parking could be done just by pulling into a spot. It was also fun to drive, especially when locking the wheel all the way to the left or right and then going around in tight circles faster and faster. Or doing handbrake turns in the snow filled parking lot. Alas, it was the worst car in the snow I’d ever driven.

The Trans-Am… That was like driving a rocket. It was fast, it handled well, it lasted for a long time (completely contrary to what everyone was telling me about buying a Pontiac). That car got noticed the most and commented on frequently.

The Challenger is a beast. To me, it’s kind of low key—it’s not as flashy as the new Camaro, it doesn’t enunciate “old money” like a BMW or Mercedes, it’s just there saying, “Hey, remember the old days?” The inside is roomy and comfortable. It’s kind of like driving a sedan. Until you put the hammer down. Then you can expect smoking tires, fish-tailing rear ends, a lot of noise, and a whole lot of G-force. It handles well, despite being a large and heavy car.

I guess right now it’s a draw between the T/A and the Challenger. I had the T/A for almost ten years and the Challenger for less than one, so there’s a lot of time left to change an opinion.

@YoBob Is your RX-7 that rust red color with the paint fading in splotches on the hood?

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My 2003 Chevy Cavalier was both my favorite and my least favorite.
Can you tell that I’ve only had one car?

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@mrentropy Nope, it is silver, although desperately in need of a new paint job and it does have a couple of rust spots here and there.

Funny this topic should come up. Just yesterday I was once again entertaining the idea of doing that full restoration. Perhaps life the universe and everything is trying to tell me something.

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I’ve only had two vehicles.

I had a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus that sucked monkey cock. I hated that thing. Well, that’s not entirely true… I think of it as an oppressive, overbearing mother in automotive form. It sucked the soul out of me, but it would still let me huddle warmly in its womb when I had to get away from my 300 pound neo-nazi roommate freshman year (yes, I spent a good portion of the first semester sleeping in my car).

I currently have a 2006 Jeep Liberty and I lovveeeee that freaking thing. It gets pretty bad gas mileage, but it’s sexy and it drives like a dream. And I can climb over boulders with it. Really. Some dude said my Jeep isn’t a “real” jeep, so I climbed over a bunch of boulders in it to prove him otherwise.

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I bought an 86 2 door Crown Victoria off an old man for $700. I was 22 at the time. It was immaculate. Garage kept 70,000 original miles. Dark grey paint light grey vinyl top. I put some 20 inch rims on it and kept it shining always. Im a white boy living in the black hood of Chattanooga back then. The dirty south. I had black dudes always pulling up to me at red lights and smiling telling me they loved my whip. Coming up to me at the gas station or carwash trying to buy it out from under me all the time. It was fun back then to me driving around bumping Project Pat down Brainerd Road.

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I loved my white Rover Metro which was my very first car (I named her Dolly!). I hated my last car which was a gold Rover 25 (that car wasn’t worth naming!).

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As for dislike, when I was driving it in my Sr. year in high school, I absolutely hated my 1968 Dodge truck. Now, of course, I would love to do the full restoration on it as well. It is still sitting down at “the ranch”, but has been through a flood, not to mention has been sitting out in the weather for 30 years. Perhaps after the RX-7…

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Disliked: a hand me down Mercury Sable that was always breaking down.

Liked: I loved my 2003 350Z. It took 11 months after ordering to hit the USA but it was worth it!

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1984 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro. I sat down with the car dealer and custom ordered everything I wanted on it. High output engine, custom interior, four barrel carb, 5 speed transmission. That was fast and as stable on the road at 80 mph as anything I’ve ever driven.

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Best car I ever had. It had no power steering, no air conditioning, and a radio dial kinda like this but that little Subaru was the love of my life.

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My parents had a corvair and it was awful! There was some leak that allowed the exhaust into the cabin through the heating ducts. Either we froze in winter or we got gassed to death. It might be cute, but the execution was horrible.

Best car I owned is the one I have now: a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Lots of power. Lots of room. Not so bad on the gas (not great, but not bad, especially for a SUV).

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The ‘73 Vette was a hoot.
@KatetheGreat I would love to have my ‘76 Camaro again.
Now my 21 year old Silverado is like that comfy pair of shoes. Well worn, unsightly and is something you just can’t part with.

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@boffin If my ‘76 Camaro could have been restored fully, I would have done it. It drove great.

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1My favorite and still is, is a 1995 BMW E36 m3..has straight 6 Vanos engine, lots of get up and go, great handling, looks good and is an all around fun car to drive.

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Had and disliked: ‘84 Renault Encore
I swear it was made from aluminum foil and scotch tape. Case in point: one day while driving it on campus a motorcycle hit it. The Renault was totaled, the motorcyclist drove away on his largely undamaged motorcycle.

Had and loved: 87’ CRX HF (the high-fuel economy CRX, it got, kid you not, 80-something MPG on the highway)..and my ‘97 Rav4 back in the day.
About 4 years back we had an Excursion the largest vehicle ever. I liked it a lot, but wouldn’t want to be paying to fill it’s tank these days. Still, the day I parallel parked that bad boy in one smooth swing into a tight parking spot in German Village (narrow streets near downtown Columbus, OH) I felt like I’d won a gold medal. I loved RIDING in the Excursion, too.. it was like a barkalounger on wheels.

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So many to choose from….but nostalgia aside, my current Jeep Grand Cherokee. I bought it new, sight unseen because of a snowstorm and just asked what colors they had and picked the silver one. I needed a new vehicle because the old one was totaled. I drove it for the first time as I drove it off the lot. I still am driving it 13 years later and it just hit 350,000 miles. It has rarely had a problem and cost minimum in service over the years. It has been all over the US and Canada. Enjoyed many a mud field and off road as well.

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Seems like all of the cool people own Jeeps!

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I owned a Jeep for a moment it was previously owned but had nothing but trouble, could not get rid of it fast enough.

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The best car I ever owned was a 1982 Subaru GL hatchback. 21 years, and 225,000 miles. I would be driving it now, but for a head on collision that totalled it.

The worst car was a 1986 Aerostar Van. I had it for about 4 years (I have blocked it out), and went thru something like 4 transmissions.

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I loved my VW Beetles (I had 4 at different times in my life.) I love remembering driving around Boston with 4 friends and the sun roof open all of us singing the quartet from Rigoletto at the top of our lungs. I always drove a stick shift and loved the control I had of that little car. It didn’t have a lot of power, but its maneuverability was terrific.

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@geeky_mama – I forgot my CRX until you said it, I actually had 2 of them, I forget what year they were, but I loved them both, sweetest gearbox and yep great gas mileage.

Also had a Subaru Outback, I think that was the first year they came out. That was a good car but didn’t inspire the affection the corvair and crx did.

My worst was a brand new toyota 4-runner. It was a complete lemon, one thing after another went wrong with it from the minute I drove it off the showroom floor. I hated it, underpowered and just a brick!

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