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What's your go-to dance move?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) April 14th, 2011 from iPhone

I have different ones depending who I’m with/where I am. If I’m with the car with two of my friends we do this double-handed karate chop thing. If I’m with another friend at the club we git low. My dad and I invented a “skort” dance the other day when we found a bag of my mom’s old clothes in the garage. You have to keep your knees together whatever you do. It was kind of awesome.

What crazy dance moves are you partial to?

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Lock your knees,spread your legs and walk.
Very gracefully,of course. XD

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I dance like this

Get’s me laid everytime. ;)

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I like to jump up and kick my heels together!

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@noelleptc Exactly! It has a certain vulnerability to it that will also get you laid. It is not an original move….this is where I steal many of my moves…feel free to use them!
@KatetheGreat Same as it ever was…same as it ever was… XD

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I wanted so much to have this be my go-to, but no go. I’m not that coordinated.

I have a “rotating hip” thing I do. I can rotate both sides equally well, which is to say no video dancer should be in fear of their job. :/

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@noelleptc -You have an awesome dad! :)

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It’s not so much a move as it is a way of physically relating to people. I don’t show off, I show that I’m listening. Most people have never had a dance partner listen to them. It can get pretty intense pretty fast. But I never take it any further, seeing as how it would probably tick my wife off something fierce. But that’s how we met. First I listened to her on the dance floor, then I listened to her in the car, and finally I listened to her in bed.

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Running man or cabbage patch.

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I don’t have one. In fact, if any of you see me out and about dancing, please, get me home. I’m in the middle of a blackout.

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A belly undulation.

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@noelleptc I always seem to default to the moves I learned in 8th grade.

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@cockswain HAHAHAHHA me too

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I sit down and shut up.

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Brad Pitt’s dancing with his earbuds in, in the movie Burn After Reading.

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