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Do you have a lucky charm?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) April 14th, 2011

So it looks as though this question has been asked before, but it’s been nearly a year since the last one, so I decided to go for it.

Do you have a lucky charm? Do you have a superstition about a certain item or action that you believe brings you luck?

For instance, a lot of athletes have superstitions. Some of them always have the same breakfast on game day, some have a lucky pair of socks or underwear, some always do their pre-game stretches in the same order…

Do you do anything like this, whether you actually believe in superstition or not? Do you carry a certain item with you at all times?

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I carry a queen of spades in my wallet. It’s from a card game that I played where I won $3,000 dollars. I like to think it brings me a bit of luck.

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Mine is magically delicious…

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No,but I have had alot of strange coincidences.
They probably mean nothing.

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I don’t know…how many strange coincidences does one have to have before they start wondering if there is a deeper meaning, @lucillelucillelucille ?

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I don’t carry anything or have something that I think brings me luck but I am very superstitious about crystals and would like to know more about them. I have a nice collection of the clusters.

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I don’t and I’m not sure I could. It doesn’t matter that I wouldn’t believe in it. I can pretend it’s lucky even if I don’t believe it is.

No. The reason that I don’t think I can is that I don’t relate to objects that way. I like objects. I collect all kinds of objects. I display objects all over the place. But I don’t name them or develop any particular relationship with them. I can’t imagine carrying something around as a lucky charm. There’s enough in my pockets as it is!

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I have lucky socks and lucky underwear! It’s just a bit of fun but I always feel better when wearing them!!!

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@yankeetooter I don’t know.Maybe a coincidence is just that.A coincidence.

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My lucky charm is a pair of socks. I have a lot of socks with fun designs and pictures on them, and one of them has a goat wearing a three-piece suit (I know – what?!). I wore them one day to an exam, because he looked intelligent. Mr. Fiance and I started referring to them as the Intelligent Goat socks, and I started wearing them anytime I wrote an exam or gave a seminar.

One day I was on my way out the door and I realized that I didn’t wear them that day, so I just grabbed one and put it in my bag. I don’t wear them anymore, but I carry one in my bag on days when I could use a little luck.

Somehow, his name has changed. He’s now Steve Goatenberg.

I don’t believe in superstition, but Steve Goatenberg always comes with me when I need him. One of him is in Mr. Fiance’s bag right now, while he’s at a job interview. :)

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Every time my g/f’s co-worker is pregnant, we tell her to rub her belly and send us good “ju-ju” (if we need something). So, I guess that’s/she’s our lucky charm?

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@Jude – “Every time she’s pregnant”? Is she a very fertile lady? ;)

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@Seelix Haha. She has two little ones under 3. :)

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I don’t believe in “superstitions” as those IMO are just fears of an unknown. I do though have a bear totem/charm I wear that I just feel naked without. I believe you can mentally “connect” with an energy you identify with that at the very least brings comfort and perhaps confidence. It may just be a placebo effect but I have had could be chalked up as “coincidences” that IMO “felt” real and unlike anything I can explain other than a true ethereal moment.

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No, I make my own luck.

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Yes, I had some for breakfast this morning.

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Nope. I manifest my own reality.

anyone want to rub my belly?

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Boy, back in the day I used to have and carry and craft charms up the yin-yang, especially while I was studying folk magic. Nowadays, I have done a complete 360 as far as carrying physical things. Now I have more of a mental set-up for luck that I rely on.

I guess old habits die hard. :/

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I would say that the items I carry with me or keep coming back to have less to do with invoking luck than comfort. For example, I was raised by a devotely Catholic mother and went to parochial school for 8 years. When I feel stressed I reach for my rosary! I think of it as another form of meditation, but also as a comforting ritual from my childhood and a connection to my earliest sense of spirituality. Sometimes I wear one as a necklace yeah, just like Madonna After 9/11 I somehow had my rosary in my purse. I was holding a rosary when I took the ferry from New York to New Jersey on 9/12. I had stayed with a friend overnight in New York because nearly all of the bridges and tunnels were closed and it was difficult to cross and crowded. I glanced back at the forever changed New York skyline. You could still see smoke where the towers used to be. It was an incredibly moving moment.

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Depends on how you define “lucky charm.” I have a couple of things that I carry around with me like a talisman, because it gives me pleasure to do so (and not because I think they have any power), but I don’t have any belief in their luck-bringing properties. I don’t believe there’s anything that brings luck. That’s because I don’t really believe in luck, if we think of it as a force of some kind that favors someone by defying the law of cause and effect.

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What I have is a large plastic rat, black with a long tail, red eyes and white teeth. She (I think of it as a her) is on top of the refrigerator with earrings on – I regard her as a sort of mascot. (She came from a shop that sells supplies for carnival costumiers. She was probably intended to be part of a fancy robber costume).

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I have this ’‘Coke Card’’ in my wallet. It dates from the mid nineties, where if you bought Coke products and showed the card, points would be added to it, and you could trade those for prizes. Like all this dumb shit, such as shades, duffel bags, and whatever else.

I never used it once, but for some reason I can’t seem to get rid of it.

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