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How can I stop dreaming so much at night?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) April 14th, 2011

Every night I literally must have dozens of dreams, and my mind goes crazy. They’re not nightmares or anything, it’s just that there’s so many of them and it always has to do with the stuff I’ve been working on all day. For instance, if I have been doing math problems for the last 3 hours of the day then it will be a bunch of dreams related to math..

I have tried stopping everything for the last 15 minutes before bed time, clearing my mind. But it doesnt work, what can I do!

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You can’t really stop yourself from dreaming. Maybe you could listen to some soothing music before you go to bed and things won’t be so hectic.

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I don’t think you can stop dreaming and obviously your mind has a lot to sort though. Except for when I am dreaming about work, which is not such fun, I love dreaming. There have been times when I have been having really vivid dreams that I have looked forward to going to sleep to see what weird and wacky adventures I get up to. I have some very odd dreams.

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Everyone has several dreams each night. It is just that most people cannot remember the dreams. It might be that you are not having more dreams than other people, but that you are just better at remembering them. There is very little to nothing you can do about this problem, other than try to find a way to enjoy it.

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I’ve heard that you dream about what’s on your mind. Which makes total sense. So you’re doing math…and when you go to bed, it’s probably still hanging around the back of your mind. Try thinking of your fantasies or where you would go in the world if you could or your dream life or dream job….might help?

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At college, I constantly tried to do physics proofs in my sleep. My only classes were physics and calculus, though, so that’s kind of what my life was all about. @deni is right, you dream about what’s been going through your mind all day. Try not to make your life all about one thing, especially right before going to bed. If you’re taking a lot of math, throw an art class in with it.
One time I woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed my notebook, and tried to implement a proof I had dreamed up. It worked. :D

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If the stuff you are doing during the day is stressful, it is common for it to play out in dreams at night. The best way to rid yourself of these types of reoccuring dreams is to talk it out, kind of purge your mind of what you might be realing about. I am not sure if it applies in your situation? Are their problems left undone, that you are still “working on” that would keep your mind going? Or, if you are procrastinating about some of the work, that can wind up in your dreams too.

Also, some medications cause vivid dreaming. Especially some of the SSRI’s and tricyclics, drugs for depression and anxiety. But, other drugs can cause it also. We all dream, but it seems like you are possibly not hitting as many hours of deep sleep. Are you waking more than usual in the middle of the night?

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Too much B6 and soda in your diet is my guess. It’s primarily the foods you eat, amongst other things.
I would love your problem, and learn to fly again.

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If I don’t have an orgasm before I fall asleep every night I usually have weird dreams. Try that, seriously.

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@JLeslie I aways love your answers..alwayss…...andd this time I think you hit the head on the nail!!! I don’t have any emotional problems that I’m working on all day they are more like situational problems. Just wtrying to work things out and YES it’s never done at night because the problems I try to workout every day are problems of a very longterm goal, so it would be like this last night, no procrastinating…

Therefor I’m guessing I need some kind of “fading out” method to get my mind back to ground zero at night? i dont know what do you think!

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@jabag11 Maybe. Are you giving yourself a chill out period before going to sleep? Or, do you go immediately from thinking about these things to bed? I think you need a good 30 minutes to an hour of mindless entertainment. A TV show, gossip with a friend or your SO, read something unrelated for fun. Reoccurring dreams are anxiety related usually, anticipatory. I believe the mind wants to get the thing over with, off your plate, get you to act so the problem no longer exists. Not so easy when it is an unavoidably long term problem. In your waking hours you also need to decide what is a reasonable goal and be happy with it, so your brain can relax. Mini, realistic goals and expectations, so you can feel like you have accomplished the step you needed to accomplish that day before bed. Maybe break down the project ino steps on paper and be able to cross things off. It could even be as simple as work on project from 7:00 to 9:00 and if you did that, you have accomplished something. This might help while your awake and while your asleep. Just a few ideas.

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Oh, and thanks. :)

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