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Where can I find very stretchy lace fabric - in black?

Asked by holli (487points) April 14th, 2011

I’m putting together costuming for my dance company and we need lace flowy pants for one section. I can’t find an affordable pair anywhere so I am going to have them made. The problem is now I can’t find stretchy enough lace. I know it exists because we have some left over from years ago. I think I need 15% spandex or more. Any ideas? Here is an example if it helps

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This site might have have something helpful.

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Thanks @JilltheTooth but I need something located in the US. I should have mentioned that I only have a month to have them made and shipping from China is not reliable.

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Will these do, they are not quite the same.

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@optimisticpessimist—These guys may work. Kumar said I could hop like a frog in the #104.
@Tropical_Willie—I LOVE these but they aren’t stretchy. The dance really requires that we can gran plie like a frog. Maybe I can justify them for my own wardrobe though!

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Sorry, I didn’t even look where it was…

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