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Does tequila, vodka, scotch, etc.. have yeast in it?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) April 20th, 2008

is it kosher for passover? my friend just turned legal and i know i cant have beer, but do shooters “rise”?

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Most whiskies and “white ” liquors like rum or vodka are distiled, not fermented and should not contain yeast. Whether this meets the strict laws of Kashrut, I don’t know, I am not a Mashiach.
But I remember my Zeyde and his brothers drinking at Seders.

Chag Sameach


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Potato vodka is kosher, All tequila is kosher (comes from the agave plant), no scotch, beer, whiskey, or rum is kosher, I believe. Wine is okay. If you are stricter, everything has to be marked with a OU-P, which generally makes it more expensive, worse tasting, and harder to find.

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I work in this industry and I can tell you that I work with many, many Jewish people that work in high positions in the spirits community. Being Irish myself all I can tell you is I drink with Jew’s often but I do not know your religion well. Cheers.

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I’m Russian so vodka was put in my baby bottle LOL just kidding. Yeah its distilled to the best of my knowing

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Alcohol is a byproduct of yeast, which eats the sugar of the substance being fermented and “releases” (i.e. craps out) carbon dioxide and alcohol. Yeast and other materials are removed from beer and wine via filtration (i.e. physically pouring the stuff through a filter). Spirits are separated from their primary ingredients via distillation, which is boiling off the alcohol, catching the vapors and allowing the vapors to condense and drip into a separate container. I would assume that yeast doesn’t turn to gas at the same temperature as alcohol, and therefore doesn’t continue on the journey to the bottle.

I would doubt that there’s a filtration process that is sophisticated or rigorous enough to capture 100% of yeast from wine or beer, but it’s not an area of expertise.

Here’s some more info. It looks like wine-based spirits (cognac, sherry, etc) are not kosher.

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Kashrut, or the Jewish dietary laws are complex and oft times illogical. There are loads and loads of wines that are kosher and many that are kosher for Passover but I can’t give the Fluther collective a concise explanation, I don’t have the knowledge and Fluther doesn’t have the bandwidth.
I am going to consult some knowledgeable Orthodox guys, one a friend and one a first cousin and try to get an answer tonight.


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Distilled spirits contain no yeast.

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