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Would you, could you be a super hero?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) April 15th, 2011

Just saw Kick Ass – belatedly.

We’ve discussed super heros here in the past, but I’m asking something specific; could you be a super hero – but a la Kick Ass, that is, for those who haven’t seen it, sans super powers?

What kind of super hero would you be? Costume? Cape or capeless – and what are the pros and cons of your chosen costume?


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Not just no, but HELL NO. Without super powers, you are not a super hero- just a regular dude.
Batman’s got super powers- he’s a freaking billionaire, for one, and he has an inhuman level of personal discipline for another.
Soldiers and police officers have super powers- in the form of guns, body armor, organization, and funding by a state.
Kick Ass had none of these things, and got predictably maimed.
A “superhero” as usually presented is just a predator with more power than the usual run of predators. Mostly they are presented as ethical and acting for the good of society, but it isn’t always that way- and I’m pretty sure effective action for good rarely, if ever, involves beating people up.

If I could choose, and I HAD to do it (compelled, like Kick Ass)- my costume would render me invisible and intangible, or at least invulnerable. It would also have a lot of pockets. I’m fond of pockets.

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@koanhead Can I be your side kick? I love pockets.

I already am a super hero… I’m Super Empathy Girl. My costume involves a shoulder for leaning, an ear for venting, and a wet face from crying when you’re in emotional pain. Oh, and jeans and a polo shirt.

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I am Apathy Man. I sit at home in the nude, ‘cos I couldn’t be bothered to get a suit made up, staring at a blank TV, as the remote is too far away. Luckily my mobile phone is to hand, having been stuck in my rolls of fat. I use it to phone up super-evil villains and tell them about how lazy I am and that no one cares about what they do anyway ‘cos they are idiots, then I go to their evil Facebook page and post a picture of myself on the phone talking to them, in the nude, and they get so depressed that they kill themselves. Result!

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If I could be a superhero, I would “Justice Guy”.
Making sure people get what they deserve, especially women who lie.
Like if a wife left her husband with three kids and no job,
to run off to Hawaii with a doctor named Bob.
I would skin them and drain them of blood so they die.
Then I would be Justice Guy.

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@ragingloli – tempting to flag that, but i’m not Flagging Man. Someone else can pick this up!

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Nah. I’m too lazy.

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Nah, i’m too selfish to be the superhero type. I’d only be interested in saving my immediate family see, all those other peasants can rot in hell fend for themselves for all I care. Just call me mister compassion why don’t ya? Shame really, because I look fabulous in a pair of tights ;¬}

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How do you know I’m not one now? :)

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In college, I was a founding member of the Legion of Net Heroes. I was Organic Lass, capable of remembering thousands of organic chemistry equations and forgetting them 5 minutes before the exam.

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shhhhh I already am one. Alas I cannot divulge my identity.

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Give me the firepower of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D and I’ll save the world from wayward North Koreans and Iranians. Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad I’ll ask Geordi La Forge to beam them right to the brig.

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I guess I would be Greedy-woman, because I would use my super powers to amass wealth and possessions for myself and my family. My costume would be designed by Armani, and my super powers would be to control the lottery numbers with my mind.

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The Verifier
People write and repeat lots of nonsense which can easily be disproved with a little research.

So basically with a spandex costume

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@mattbrowne Buddy – you are guilty of not reading the details.


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My job description has occasionally been described as “tree ninja”.

Oh, and my uniform regularly includes as many as 25 pockets.

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Maybe…maybe not.

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I would dig being a superhero, but I’m lazy, so I’d be the annoying guy who talks into the earpiece giving useless trivia to whomever it is that is my superhero: I shall be Random Fact Guy

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I am the Capeless Animal Rescuer. Animals see me coming down the street and literally throw themselves at me and beg me to take them home, provide food, love and medical care, while they steal all the comfy, cozy spots to sit on in my home. I keep a tape roller with me at all times, while wearing casual clothing. I smell of freeze-dried salmon and cat chin.

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@seazen_ – Take me to the brig, Captain ;-)

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Naughty boy.

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My great grandmother was Klingon.

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@mattbrowne Did she eat a lot of good books? ;-)

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