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What was this funky nausea/dizziness/blackout that happened to me last night?

Asked by deni (23054points) April 15th, 2011

Yesterday blew ass, I was fairly hungover all day. Not hungover like I puked every 10 minutes. In fact I didn’t at all. It was more of a head/body hangover. Anyhow….I felt like shit all day…around 5 I started feeling better so I ate a delicious burger and fries and some candy and felt pretty much back to normal. Then, last night, while watching Purple Rain, probably around 9, 9:30…I got up to make popcorn. I was using the whirlipop and standing there talking to my boyfriend….right as the kernels started to pop I got extremely nauseous and dizzy. About 10 seconds later my vision started to go…it was like it was slowly being taken away and black dots were taking the place of what was actually in front of my eyes.

So I walked into my bedroom and I guess I layed down on the floor and….“fell asleep”...because when I “woke up” my first thought was “I have no idea where I am”. Once I looked around and saw I was in my bedroom, I went to the bed, and laid down, and then I was fine.

It was so weird and nothing like this has ever happened to me before, what was it?

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Maybe it’s an ocular migraine. I get them, although not that severely. In many people, they are a precursor to a headache migraine. I don’t get the head aches. Did you?

I get this sparkly stuff in the air (both eyes) that usually starts in the lower right quadrant of my vision, and then slowly grows like a smoke ring until it passes outside my vision.

I would check with a doctor or an eye doctor.

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So, where was your boyfriend during all of this?

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Yeah, I’d imagine you didn’t drink enough water.

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Maybe this is your body’s way of telling you to redefine the six food types you ingest.

Alcohol, fat, sugar, starch, salt and meat are not at the top of the food pyramid any more. Even the strongest constitution rebels eventually.

Verigo also a possibility.

How old are you? How much alcohol do you drink?

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@gailcalled I’m 21. I get drunk twice a week at most, usually just once a week on karaoke night. Sometimes not even then.

@erichw1504 He was sitting at the kitchen table but I was so freaked out I couldn’t speak so I just slunked off to the bedroom.

@wundayatta I didn’t get that type of headache last night, and I don’t usually either. A few times in the past few months I’ve gotten really bad headaches, not sure if they’re a type of migraine or not, but I didn’t get one yesterday. My head did hurt for most of the day, but not in a headache type of way.

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@deni and he didn’t bother to make sure you were OK?

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It’s known as blacking out. I doubt you intentionally laid on the floor.

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It was a blackout, probably as a result of the alcohol. Take it as a warning signal.

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@erichw1504 he didnt know anything was wrong. Not the point anyhow.

@janbb but i wasnt drunk…i just dont get…why would it happen a day later?

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@deni I’d bet a lot of money that a day later you were indeed intoxicated. Women, especially, have a difficult time breaking down alcohol. Our enzymes do not work as effectively as they do in men. The alcohol remains in your blood stream longer than it does in a man’s.
I grew up in a bar, and have a bartender’s license. You’d be very wise to consume less and eat while you are consuming. Your body had too much, without enough food. You did not process the alcohol well, most likely because:
1) You drank too much
2) You did not eat a proper meal
Other possibilities: You mixed your liquors, you hadn’t eaten well prior to beginning your drinking, you hadn’t slept well prior to drinking…

You didn’t say how many drinks you had or how much you weigh but here’s my guess:

You had 4–5 drinks and weigh about 120lbs. That would take at least 8 hours for your body to process if you had eaten with the consumption. If you ate what you described above, it would definitely take longer.

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