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How old were you when you starting covering up the grey (hairs)

Asked by Jude (32098points) April 15th, 2011

I am 38 and I think that it’s time. I have dark brown hair and I can really see it at the temples. I usually wear my hair down (so, that you can’t see it at the temples), but, for Summer, I’ll want to pull my hair back.

How old were you? I have never had my hair colored. Not looking forward to it, but, it’s time.

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I just started getting a few grays at my cheekbones this year, but they don’t show up ‘cause I’m (kind of) blond. My partner has gorgeous silver in her brunette hair, best highlights ever.

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At my age I still don’t have to…never will either!

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I dye my hair regularly just for fun, not to hide the grey. But over the last year, especially, as my roots come in, the grey comes in too :(

I’m having a hell of a time dealing with it mentally. I always knew I’d probably go grey early, because my dad did. But I’m noticing it more and more… I used to just pull out the one or two greys I’d find, but there’s no way I can pull them all out now!

I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do. I ordinarily don’t dye my hair super often, but now that the roots are coming in grey rather than dark brown… I dunno.

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I get a few transparent hairs, here and there but nothing to cover yet.

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@Neizvestnaya We’re about the same age, aren’t we?

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I’ve had gray hairs for maybe a decade, but I haven’t started coloring them yet. Don’t plan to, either. I don’t understand why women think they look better with dyed hair. I prefer the grey, myself.

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My Dad is 73 and has a full head of hair. That’s where I get my thick hair from. His was black and he started to go grey in his early 30’s. It looks wonderful on him, now; a full head of silver/grey. But, the temples, for me, not so much.

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@Jude – I agree; there’s something great and distinguished about a man with grey at the temples. Most of the time that look isn’t so great on women.

I’d love to be able to rock the silver hair. Right now, though, there’s not enough of it for me to feel like it’s rockin’.

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I already colour my hair to auburn, but occasionally I’ve let it go past the 6 weeks to check out the natural situation. Thus far, I have about 8–10 white hairs. Like, 3 or 4 at the temples on each side and a couple in the back.

I’m good.

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@Jude: Although that sounds great to me, I am a good bit older than you :D

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I like to joke (but it’s true) That I have been coloring my hair so long that I have never seen the grey hairs. By the time it got so grey that when my hair grow out a bit I SHOULD be able to see them I started loosing my vision and you can’t see the top of your head with bifocals.
I’m sure I’m pretty grey naturally because all my HS friends are still hippies and are TOTALLY grey.

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Oh hai, Ladees an Genz!

Here’s Emmylou Harris!

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@aprilsimnel I love Emmylou’s silver do.

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I’m with @Cruiser. I’ve never felt the need to cover them up. I’m pushing the big 50 but really didn’t start getting those “distinguished” streaks at the temple until a couple of years ago.

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About a year ago, I am 43. But, I can still go without covering them. At a glance I am still a brunette when my hair is natural, but closer up you can see some of the grays. The grays are stray though, a few all over, not clumped together in one place so they are not very noticeable. From the ages of 38–42 I had about 10 gray hairs. At 42 all of a sudden I had double.

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I gave up getting highlights a few years ago. Now that a bit of grey is cropping up, they are considered natural highlights in my book. There are a few grey hairs in my eyebrows, and those babies get plucked.

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I have never colored my hair and am thrilled with the silver and brown mix. I use a natural henna shampoo and conditioner that makes both colors shine. It looks almost like expensive salon streaking.

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I started going grey when I was 27 and I never bothered coloring it. But I’m a guy and I’m cheap. My haircuts cost me $13.

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Around 45.

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I started going gray at around 26. I’ve never tried to hide the fact.

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@WasCy Well, you are a very distinguished doggykins.

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I think I started coloring my hair when I was about 40. When you could see the white sideburns two days after coloring it, I stopped. I let it go natural after that. You can streak it, but if the grey or white is coming in solidly at the temples, you can’t fight it. It’s there.

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I’m 37 and still no grays. I’m kinda looking forward to it. I want long silver hair. Coolness.

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@tinyfaery You have good genes, girl.

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20, about a week after I noticed the first one. I don’t have many, but they’re almost all right at the front, and in one area. so it’s harder to hide.

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I dyed my hair for years and years, I loved being red the best. I cut my long hair short and quit dying it abot 3 years ago. Now it’s past my shoulders and I love how the brown and grey go together. I actually get compliments on the color. I always wonder who that is when I see myself in a store window reflection, though. I was about 30 when grey/white started; I knew I would because of my family, too. It was the first grey pube that freaked me out!!
@gailcalled I’d love to know the name of your shampoo?

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@faye: Shikai This suits my thick, wavy, coarse Russian hair.

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@gailcalled Thanks, sounds great. I’ll see if my daughter can get it at the hair dresser store as she is one. I don’t know what that store might be called!

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@faye:—I get mine at the local health food store. But you can order it online also. It comes, interestingly enough, in 12 oz bottles @$9.00 or a one-gallon jug @$55.

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21 :-/

Just the other week, specifically.

At least I’m not balding at 13 like my dad and grandfather were. And grey is rather distinguishing.

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Not at my best here (first thing in the morn), but, you can see a bit of grey at my bangs and along the inside of my hair. Look under the inside of the hair by the temples and I have lots.

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16. It came in just at the right temple.. and I colored my hair religiously just for the hell of it, anyhow. Grey coverage was just a perk. At 28 I still only have a small patch on that temple, and a few strays here and there. Right now a few highlights seem to be all that it takes to blend them in.
@Jude I don’t even think you need to color them, personally. I think you wear it very well. Pretty.

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Thanks, @ANef_is_Enuf. I earned ‘em!

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Mine fell out before turning gray
sad face

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@Jude My hair was very much like yours when I was younger (high school). About the same color and about that much white hair. By age 30 it was more white than brown, and all of the front was white. It is all white now, except for a couple of dark stragglers that come in, annoyingly like those first white ones do.
I have never colored my hair. I think that it probably makes me look older than I am, but I do get compliments on it all the time. Just today a lady (stranger) hollered at me across a parking lot, “Hey! I love your hair!”
I think that you look very pretty and if you don’t want to color it, then don’t. Your hair will be healthier and you will save a lot of time and money.

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@Jude – After watching your video, I’d say don’t bother colouring your hair. It looks good the way it is, I think. Or you could do what my mom did when her grey started to be noticeable – she got blondish highlights (her hair is similar in colour to yours) and that made the grey spots a lot less noticeable.

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Sixty seven and I am not there yet. I am looking forward to my beard slowly becoming more white. But there’s no rush. I’m perfectly willing to wait another 40 or 50 years for it.

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Decided not to color my hair. (this’ll save me a bit o’ cash :)).

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@Jude: bit o’ cash = more deco goodies!


My hair is glossy jet black, not a single white hair yet. My paternal grandmother greyed early in her life, and my Dad started to lose hair in his 30s. I still have a full set of hair and no grey. One day when my grey starts, I will probably try something like Just For Men.

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Early graying runs in my family. When I was in my late 30s I developed a tiny white spot in my brown-black beard on one side of my chin. Within a year another little spot had popped up on the other side of my chin. In my 40s, white began to advance up both sides of my face and into my moustache. By 50, my beard was totally white and my hair salted & peppered. Since then, the pepper has taken a powder and so has the beard. From time to time I’ve considered coloring my hair but I’ve always been told quite adamantly by the opposite sex not to do it, so I don’t. Besides, I think colored hair on an older guy looks phony,

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