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Would you want an employer to research your Facebook page?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) April 15th, 2011

Perhaps your employer is nosy, or maybe you are looking for a new job. Would you be happy if your employer found your Facebook page? Why or why not? What, if anything, do you keep on your Facebook page that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see?

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I wouldn’t like it, but there’s nothing incriminating on there. I have a picture of me doing a beer bong a long time ago, but who didn’t do that?

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I certainly don’t want my employer on my Facebook page. I don’t have anything particularly embarrassing, I just want to keep life and work separate. I actually tend not to accept friend requests from co-workers in order to try and maintain some balance.

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Definitely not. But if it helps him/her sleep at night, then fine. I have nothing to hide. But having my work life in my personal life is not a very enchanting thought.

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If it were an existing employer, there is nothing that could potentially bring about embarrassment or an issue, so I’d be okay with that. A potential employer might be another matter. There is always the possibility that they might or might not consider offering an interview or job based upon my age, gender, race, and what is listed under Political and Religious views. If I were looking for a job, I might change or hide all of this information.

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I’ve heard from my boss’ boss that he DOES have a pseudonym and does troll Facebook—mainly for competitive intel kinds of info. Also, I’ve been told not to post where I travel (for work) except in very vague terms – because other competitors might know when we were visiting a prospect.
I’ve always been careful what I post…anything out on the internet is really there for ANYONE to see (despite what security or controls I might think are in place)..

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I don’t worry about that because my Facebook is set to private. As long as you have your privacy settings set correctly, there is no reason your employer can see anything on your Facebook page. That said, there is nothing on page my I’d care if they saw.

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Couldn’t care less. I have nothing to hide.

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Much of my job is social media marketing so I would cerainly hope an employer would be checking it…

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I don’t use Facebook. I closed my account a few years ago when my sister wanted to be my friend. But I figure that the only reason a boss would look for you is to find out bad stuff about you. Or they want to sleep with you. I would rather not work for someone that does either of those things.

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Of course not. That, and Fecesbook’s horrendous privacy record, is the reason I do not use Fecesbook

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It wouldn’t bother me. I hate facebook, and though I have one, it would simply bore the reader to tears.

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Not a problem. All they’d find would be photo albums of my home and travels. They could ascertain that I am a risk taker, an adventurous personality and as silly as they come.

But..I havn’t been on FB for about a year now, it became mundane.

I originally joined to share photo albums with long distance friends but the daily stupid little contacts were too shallow for me.

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I am very circumspect on Facebook.

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Well, the pictures of me playing beer pong, wearing nothing but my underwear, and giving a girl a lap dance might be problematic…but what more would you expect from a frat boy in college?

I have little intention of removing that kind of thing, but if the time came to find a job and I was having difficulty, I’d most likely remove photos like that just to be on the safe side.

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@DominicX :: Facebook never deletes anything. It just marked as “hide” in the database. And they have such a horrible record pr resetting peoples privacy settings that I wouldn’t trust it.

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Let’s put it this way:

If my employer would have any sort of problem with the things I post on my Facebook page, then I don’t want them as my employer. I value my freedom of speech so highly that I will not allow an employer, or anyone else, to abridge it.

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The big brother aspect of the internet is unsettling at best. Google is the worst offender. Next are the credit card companies. They know all your buying habits.

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I don’t mind them researching it but they will see a lot of things that I think they don’t need to see because after all FB isn’t about work life.

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My employer (if I had one) would see I have an amazingly adorable family ;), but he/she wouldn’t be able to see this because I have my account set to private.

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Mine’s private as well. I was assuming this was if an employer had full access to it.

Not that I’d ever add my boss as a friend…

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I would not care. ;)

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My employers searched my Facebook to see what I was like. I’m not okay with it at all and I found it a bit rude.

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I got one of my jobs from the director of the program I work for finding me and offering it based on my posts. Radical politics and all. In fact, I think they helped. :)

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I don’t have facebook, but I do have a personal blog, which I wouldn’t mind at all. I have nothing to hide.

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If my personal life and beliefs are an issue, I don’t want to fucking work for them anyway.

the show on the other hand . . .

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I wouldn’t really care since I don’t post anything bad. If it was a potential employer, I’d only be concerned if they were gathering information they aren’t suppose to ask about.

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I expect my employers to check my Facebook page. At least, that’s how I treat Facebook. Assuming that my employers aren’t looking is a recipe for the unemployment line.

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I think employers checking out potential hires on facebook has become pretty much standard procedure now. As long as they don’t use it as a basis for discrimination (like not wanting to hire someone with kids and using facebook to find out if you have them), then I don’t think it’s too much different than requiring references.

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Sure…they might learn something.

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