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Should I keep trying?

Asked by Tendrillar (52points) April 20th, 2008

I met this really cool girl this weekend and we seemed to hit it off pretty well, talked for quite a bit, and I made her laugh and what not. I got her phone number and she got mine.

I called her to come to a party my roommates and I threw , but she didn’t answer my message. She did call later that night ,but I wasn’t near my phone. It was already too late to call again that night, so I called her today and there was no answer, nor an attempt at reaching me again.

Should I keep trying or can I just not take a hint?

I just don’t know.

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well if she ended up calling you back, she’s interested.
instead of calling her this time just text her.

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Churchill once said, “never, never, never, never give up.” if you dig her, let her know but don’t be pushy.

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Sounds like bad timing.. I wouldn’t give up yet. And don’t sound so needy when you talk to her.

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Do I sound needy in my post?

My last relationship ended almost eleven months ago and I haven’t really focused on dating.
I almost feel as if I’ve (as stupid as this sounds) lost my edge, or know how when it comes to sensibly showing a girl I’m interested.

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nothing sends the message like helium filled condoms and a dozen roses. Really though, good luck you will do fine.

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Thanks man. Think I’ll just cross my fingers and give that a try.

Thanks for your help guys. And girl.

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Keep trying! She called you back, which likely means that she didn’t feel great about attending the party but wanted to see you. Don’t give up – what can it hurt? It’s hard to get back in the game after a year but it’s better than not trying.

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Just send her a text saying you’re bummed to have missed her call but you’d love to hear from her again.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you sounded needy. I just meant that you shouldn’t call multiple times everyday. I used the wrong words to express what I was thinking.

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don’t give up, but have that thought in the back of the mind that there’s other girls out there!! I hate the whole phone tag dilemma- you’re not alone with that!

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