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How to convert multiple files using Handbrake?

Asked by flutherother (27319points) April 15th, 2011

I have a DVD with several VTS files within a Video Ts folder. When I convert these to MPEG only the first VTS file is recognised and converted. Any idea how I can get Handbrake to convert the other VTS files?

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After you’ve selected your source (DVD or folder) all the detected files will be shown in the “Title” box. You have to click the box and then it’ll show all the titles. Select the file you want, provide a destination and click “Add to queue”. Keep selecting all the file you want and add them to the queue, remembering to provide a different destination each time. Then you can encode all the files in the queue one after the other.

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Thanks for the quick reply but only the first file shows up in the title box. I have converted this OK but the second file seems invisible to Handbrake. I have 4 DVD’s and the same problem with each.

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In that case it might be the disk is damaged or some of the files are corrupted.

You could try ripping the disk to HD and then pointing Handbreak at that and see if it has any more luck.

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The files are OK and play with no problems. I have copied them to my hard drive but they are not recognised there either. Thanks anyway. I will keep trying.

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I’ve got it sorted now. I had to put each file into a separate folder on my hard drive before Handbrake would recognise them.

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