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I'm at the library. Would anything on this site be bad to view here?

Asked by rock4ever (1851points) April 15th, 2011

I’m mostly just concerned if anything would be illegal to view in the library.

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Nope, you’re good.

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Yay! Thank-you.

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Avoid “NSFW” questions (Not safe for work) if you are in a public spot where people might be looking over your shoulder. You might get embarrassed. Other than that you’ll be fine.

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Beware posts by the Picard avatar and you’re good to go.

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Just avoid the virtual nekked pancake parties.

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Also avoid links in NSFW questions. Be aware! srsly

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( · ) ( · )

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Cute :)

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I laughed.

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Legally, you can go to any site. It’s generally suggested you stay away from amateur shaving porn, but you can. I might stay away from NSFW threads if you don’t want people seeing it, but other than that you’re good.

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