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How much is gasoline going for in your area?

Asked by jengray72 (143points) April 15th, 2011

I paid just over four bucks in Northwest Indiana yesterday, and heard a rumor that prices might hit $5/gallon this summer. I guess we’ll be staycationing this year!

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I paid $3.90 last night. 10% Ethanol blend was 3.80.

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$3.65 in Nashville. I did find a Mapco selling regular for $3.56 a gallon. The lines were long.

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It was $3.78 the beginning of the week here in western Illinois. Today (Friday) it is $3.87. (for regular)

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Gas round these parts is about $1.30 a litre. I’ll let someone else figure out the math if they care to :)

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$4.29 in California’s Bay Area.
The good news is they are about to switch to the summer blend, which is cheaper to make.

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1.16— 1.20 per litre out west here.

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Sam’s Club has it for $3.99 today, but I expect it to go up tomorrow.

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Chicago suburbs…just filled my tank with $4.11 per gallon unleaded. OwwwwwChhhh!

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$3.45 per gallon next to my house :)

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It varies a bit of course but the average is currently just under $4/gallon for 87.

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Yup, around $4.30 here in the Bay Area. Absurd…

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