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Any good, fairly easy hairstyles for long, thick, and wavy hair?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) April 15th, 2011

My hair is very thick and goes down below my shoulder blades and has a LOT of layers. It is pretty wavy and never stays when I use a curling/straitening iron or other hair products like mousse and gel. I usually put it up in a pony-tail and when I wear it down it gets in my face and my neck gets really hot and (this sounds weird) it sort of makes me feel claustrophobic. Well, like I don’t have fresh air. Anyway, I want some pretty, but easy hairstyles that don’t take that long to do and don’t have any hair products involved( except for hairspray). I’ve tried braids, but they take long. I don’t want shorter hair, I just want some quick and easy hairstyles for school or maybe Church.
Any ideas???

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You could try this updo i found the other day! You have to go to 1:00 min. up do

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A french braid. It takes a little practice but once you get it down you can braid your hair in less than 1 minute. It only take me 30 seconds and if I want to be really neat, it would take me about 5 minutes. Thats to make sure it is even in size and when I want to make it a tight braid. When I would do my daughter hair it would take about 10 minutes. She had thick curly hair and it went down past her shoulders about 8 inches. It would take time to smooth away all the fly aways.
Its actually easier to do your own than to do someone elses hair. You learn to feel when the braids feel right in size. Here’s a link on how to do it yourself.

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Have you tried shorter layers towards the front (around your face)? Not like a mullet, just gradually shorter and maybe bangs?

I have super thick, slightly wavy hair, too. Something that has helped me is whenever I get it cut I ask them to A) thin it a bit and B) use a razor for must of the cut. A product I’ve used that really does work to keep it smooth is Super Skinny Serum. It’s made by Paul Mitchell and you can get it at salons. Put it on your towel-dried hair and make sure it hits every strand.

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When my hair was long (also thick and wavy), I used to pull the sides back and use a flat clip across the back to hold the pieces (think big flat barrette at the lower back of your head). It took about 2 seconds (depending on the clip fastener).

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When my hair was really long, I did the “rope” trick. Much faster than a braid and neater than a ponytail:
Brush your hair to the back and separate it into 2 even sections. Twist each section very tightly in the same direction (you may need to do one and clip it to stay while you twist the other)
Then, bring the 2 sections together and let them wrap around each other in the opposite direction. Rubber band on the end and you have it. looks like this

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