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What reason would there be to justify building or developing sacred Native American burial?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 16th, 2011

Under what conditions would you say ignoring Native American burial ground is warranted? If ___________ needed to be built it would supersede protecting the ancient burial place of some Native American tribe?

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Absolutely none. And yet they keep doing it.

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I can’t see any reason for doing it. We don’t dig up or build on white cemeteries, do we?

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@marinelife well, actually….. there are cemeteries that they have removed the headstones and don’t relocate the bodies. In England, they’ve deemed this quite necessary and legal if the burials stopped before a certain year.

Here’s from a blogger who has made the study of cemeteries a bit of an art.

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Well, to be frank, the Native Americans will do it themselves if there is enough money from building a casino involved…

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Not saying I condone the practice, but new cities are often built upon the ruins of old ones, especially those of conquered civilizations.

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The only people who can give consent is the descendants of those interred. Let them decide what warrants it and what doesn’t.

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It’s time to stop wasting ground for dead people. If having a place to talk with your loved one is important, let’s do as some countries, cremation and an apartment building like tomb. Good arable lan wasted is the offense.

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