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Can you help me with my monitor problem (black with short flashes of the image)?

Asked by ragingloli (44078points) April 16th, 2011

So the problem is this: After the monitor (Samsung 206BW Flatscreen) is off for a few hours, when I turn it on it has problems displaying the picture. It is a blank screen with short flashes of the image every few seconds. It takes a few minutes for the monitor to catch itself and display everything normally.
Now I fear that this is a symptom of impending death. What could be the underlying cause and is there anything I can do myself to fix it? The device has been out of warranty for some time, and I would like to avoid buying a replacement.

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From what little I know about monitors yours (like my previous one) is about to die. Those flashes definitely warning signs.

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one of two things:
– the power supply within the unit is getting flakey and the end is near.
– on the other hand the same symptoms can happen with a bad connection to the display.
If you are handy enough to open the unit up,
FIRST DISCONNECT POWER (unplug from wall) , then open it, then look for cables to the display and re-seat them. One at a time ( !!! ) take an end of a cable off where it’s connected and put it back exactly the way it was, jiggle a bit while you’re at it in case there are oxides or other crud causing the intermittent connection.
I have resurrected many machines of all sorts that were headed for the trash heap by reseating connectors.
If it’s the power supply, it will croak eventually anyway but well it was worth a try and may build your skills and confidence for the next ailing gizmo you run across.

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It sounds to me like a loose connection that sorts itself out when it heats up… for now. I second @dabbler‘s suggestion of re-seating the connections.

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I think I know the issue now. 3 of the power unit’s capacitors are bulging. I think it would be best to replace the entire power unit. I found some for € 50.

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