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How do I take a picture of myself with a laptop camera ?

Asked by EtherRoom (384points) April 16th, 2011

I don’t seem to know how to do this… I use Skype and the camera seems to work there, but I can’t find anything on my computer to make the camera itself pop up.

It’s a built in camera on a Lenovo laptop. N500. Not sure how to turn it on. Help !

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This seems like a pretty good step by step directions.

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There should be the camera tool bar somewhere on your screen, mine is hidden near the top of the regular tool bars.

Drop down the bar and you will have access to all your webcams features.

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If you have Windows of any form, click on Start and click on All Programs and look for your camera.

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I agree with @pshizzle start-all programs – look for cam ;D

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I agree with everyone of you, just search in the general programs and look for that! I had the same problem on my HP it works!

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