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What's a good Dirty-Thirty Birthday present to send?

Asked by missafantastico (685points) April 16th, 2011

One of my great friends is turning 30 next week, and she lives on the other side of the country in Seattle.

I won’t be able to be there for her birthday, so I want to send her an awesome gift. My original thought was to send her a singing telegram, or erotic birthday cake, but she has a pretty action packed week planned for herself with various awesome events, so I’m afraid she won’t be in one place long enough to get that type of surprise.

Additionally, she will be transfering job locations soon, so I don’t want to get her something that will be a burden when it comes time for packing.

With that in mind… what would a newly minted 30 year old woman living in Seattle want?

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How about a disposable camera which must be returned to you? With a self-addressed box and postage.

And a note something like this: “I am sad I can’t be there for your birthday. I am sure you will have a great time with many embarassing moments, which I will not believe UNLESS YOU SEND ME PICTURES!”

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Are you 100% sure that your friend would like a slightly naughty present? People have offered to send things like that to me, and I would be embarrassed and horrified. I have no interest in things like going out to male strip clubs, singing telegrams or naughty toys. Just make sure that you friend would actually enjoy this kind of thing before you do it.

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I APOLOGIZE deeply for my answer but she lives in Seattle so what if you send her a whole fresh salmon in an iced box, with the fish carrying a note it its mouth saying, “I swallowed something special just for you”

Inside the salmon is an impeccably wrapped gift box complete with ribbons ( wrapped in plastic of course ) and inside the box lies one of those women’s best friends as described in Sex and the City?

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How about a ticket to someplace sunny and warm like Hawaii?

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If you want to tease her about turning 30 (and getting old), you can’t go wrong with an urn.

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Not so dirty, but I always like to mark big milestones with a literal representation of time: A special clock or watch, engraved on the back. When my dad turned sixty, I got him a small sleek, modern clock. On the back, I had engraved “60 is the new 20” (or 30? I can’t remember), and the date.

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