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What safety advice should a person know when drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana for the first time?

Asked by Mariah (24420points) April 16th, 2011

For the safest experience possible, what advice would you give someone trying alcohol or marijuana for the first time?
If possible, include handling of worst case scenarios. For instance, I’ve heard it’s possible to be allergic to marijuana – how would an allergic reaction best be handled?

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It’s possible to be allergic to anything. Just do what you would no matter what caused it – deal with it if it’s a minor reaction, go to the ER if it’s a major one, and don’t do it again.

Generally, do it inside with a small group of trusted friends.

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When drinking alcohol for the first time—Don’t take more than a few shots of any liquor. You need to test your body out to see how effective it is first. Also, drink a lot of water with it. Don’t get completely drunk, because you don’t really know what kind of person you are when you are drunk yet.

With marijuana, it’s a pretty chill drug. If you’re allergic, just go to the ER. If you’re not, just sit back and enjoy the high and don’t kill the buzz of any of your peers.

Here’s a tip on tequila: After numerous amounts of shots, your mouth will want to reject it when it’s had enough. If you do force that shot down, you will puke EVERYWHERE. It’s something I wish I knew when I first drank tequila.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer. I’m a professional. ;)

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What are the repercussions of admitting to marijuana use at the ER?

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@Mariah A possible dirty look or a laugh. Unless you’re acting like a total idiot in the ER and you’re shouting something like “HOLY BALLS I’M HIGH AS FUCK, LOOK AT ME I’M A UNICORN.”, there won’t be any legal involvement.

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@Mariah They legally cannot call the cops on you for smoking pot. Or pretty much anything else besides saying that you intend to harm yourself or someone else (not harm yourself like eat McDonalds or smoke weed, but harm yourself like take a knife to your throat). And really, you will NOT be the first college kid they’ve seen smoking pot – rarely does it actually cause ER levels of damage, but the paranoia that can accompany it doesn’t always let you know that. I was once convinced that it gave me a minor heart attack (it didn’t). Seeing kids flip out on pot is right up there with seeing toddlers with toys stuck up their noses in terms of Things ER Docs See Frequently.

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I would suggest you not bother trying it. You can’t become dependent on something you avoid imbibing. If you have a tendency toward addictive behaviors, it can lead to grave problems in the future.

Have the nerve to be different and just say no.

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I would highly recommend not drinking a few shots of liquor if this will be your first time drinking. You don’t have the tolerance for it yet since you haven’t touched alcohol. A few shots will make me vomit because I don’t drink the stuff. If you want to try alcohol, I would start with just one beer or wine cooler to see how you react to it before you decide to have more.

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I suggest avoiding drugs altogether.

Drinking in moderation, with food, is simple enough: a glass of wine or beer with a meal.

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@jonsblond I agree. Start with a couple beers or wine coolers, steer clear of spirits even with mixers until you have gotten used to drinking. Remember drinking doesn’t magically change you into a new person, it can just be a useful social lubricant. Don’t over do it. Vomiting while drunk really is no fun. As far as pot goes, I’ve never heard of allergies but I wouldn’t mix it with alcohol, that’s a sure fire ticket to feeling really bad.

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I am not going to say don’t do this or that because you will do what you will do. However, I agree with all the advice here about being cautious when first drinking but what I would add is if you are going to drink (or when smoking marijuana) do so with people you totally trust. Make sure you have buddies who will look after you if you do get more drunk than you intended or have an adverse reaction.

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@RareDenver Wow, really, I love mixing the two. I call it “Friday night”.

Yeah, definitely start with the lighter booze, and not much of it. Even 4 shots can have you bent over the toilet real fast. Drinking less isn’t just about moderation and staying away from addiction and saying no to temptation, it’s really just more fun. I’m much happier with a single drink (two if it’s a rough day) than 14 shots of tequila.

Also, drink on a full stomach. Food first, then drink. Should you forget to do this, and feel yourself being too drunk, you can eat something (carbs are best, like pasta or bread) to soak up whatever booze is left in your tummy and slow its entrance into your bloodstream.

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For drinking: Take it easy. Seriously. Enjoy a few beers. Don’t drink anything but beer. Beer is good. Remember that.

For smoking: Take it easy. Seriously. Enjoy a few tokes. Paranoia will come if you smoke too much.

And do not mix the two. It exaggerates the effects of both substances at the same time.

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@MyNewtBoobs like the Friday night comment :-) I’m sure it’s fine for some people I just found the two never went well together. I don’t smoke pot any more, haven’t done for years, I found it lost it’s fun in place of making me feel like shit quite quickly.

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Don’t do retarded things like beer bongs. Drink beer and stay away from liqour. If this is your first time, you are a lightweight. I don’t smoke weed so I couldn’t tell ya about weed.

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Drinking: take it easy, drink beer or wine, or mix your shots with juice, cola or something like that. Long drinks. Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water, and drink at least a pint more of water before going to bed.

Marijuana: again take it easy. Be with friends you can trust, and be indoors in a safe place. Have sugary food or fruit juice to hand: marijuana can play havoc with your blood-sugar levels and if you start to feel weak or faint you’ll need to eat or drink something sugary (this is why weed-smokers get “the Munchies”). Don’t drink alcohol if you’re smoking weed; you’ll feel horrible if you mix them.

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“Just say NO to alcohol and illegal drugs.”

Surely, you are not making this consideration, are you?

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Okay, never under any circumstances take either of those substances through the anus. I predict several issues with this method, a real bummer.

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Drink with a few trustworthy friends. If you go out have a designated driver who isn’t going to be drinking or call a cab. DO NOT DRIVE! I will hunt you down and have you arrested if you do! (: Don’t go to a bar near a zoo. If you start to feel like you’re going to pas out and someone offers you another drink don’t take it. Don’t mix alcohol and marijuana.
I’m not giving you tips about smocking weed because I’ve seen some people change for the horribly worse from doing that. I would suggest that you don’t smoke but it’s your choice, not mine. I will though say everything I can to scare you from doing it. My brother used to be a big baby, a mama’s boy. Then when he was 11 he smocked. Now he still smocks and he’s 16. He comes home screaming when he can’t have it. He flips out on people who don’t deserve it. All his money is wasted on it. He never spends any time home. He always seems depressed. Also I know people who have died from it.

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Always drink a full stomach.

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Oooooh, @Mariah is going to get wasted!

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XD I can feel the disapproval just radiating off of some of you. I’ve never touched any of this my whole life. I’ve been a good girl. Now I need to do something “dangerous” to show myself I can. See this thread for my reasoning. I’m not even sure about the marijuana part, that’s a little far out of my comfort zone. Rest assured I’m not about to form a new habit, and obviously I’m doing everything I can to be safe. And obviously none of this will be occurring until my surgeries are over.

Thanks for the input. Turns out, this is pretty common sense, moreso than I realized.

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Also I know people who have died from it lol

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OD’ed from the munchies?
OHHHHH, I know why you want to room by yourself now, @Mariah. Just remember to put a towel under the door and open the windows. And get some febreze.

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@Maria All the great answers have been given already and all I could think of is I wish you will be the kind of person who whether after drinking or smoking anything will be relaxed and happier rather than restless and depressed. For me, it’s mostly about being with friends I love who will look after me and me them and not the bottle or stick. You always, always do it with people who cares for you. Enjoy. Take care.

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@RareDenver It’s not funny. I was being serious. They died from stupid accidents that if they hadn’t been smocking they likely wouldn’t have made.

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@rock4ever That wasn’t the drugs, then. It was the accident.

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If they hadn’t been smocking they never would have made the stupid mistakes. They were seriously really stupid mistakes caused by bad judgment from the drugs.

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@Mariah Well, just remember that all of those people judging you haven’t exactly spent their entire lives staying away from booze (some, maybe pot, but booze is HUGE in Western culture). So just ignore them and their double standards.

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Don’t run anywhere, walk slowly. If you are carrying scissors, put them down first.

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@Michael_Huntington Never, ever, blink, even for one second, or you’ll be screaming “Doctor!!!”

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weeping angels, eek!

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In the interest of preserving the safety of the fun night out:

If some stoner tries to start the “pot is superior and your a drunk” argument with you don’t try to reason with him.

Move to another table.

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Avoid them both. I have never known anyone who became a better person because of using them.

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