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How excited do you become when you see "_Alerts for You!"?

Asked by eambos (8899points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone

When there’s a slow day and not many questions are asked I am always on the edge of my seat refreshing the browser constantly in hopes of an alert.

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….me too, im thinking of throwing a plug-in or something into my fluid browser that refreshes every minute when im on the main page

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raises hand yep, me too. I love logging in first thing in the morning and see like 20 alerts and 10 new Q’s…..its like my breakfast buffet :)

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This raises the question of, when will there be a nice Dashboard widget for Fluther updates and quick questions/answers?

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there is one, someone post the link, it’s built by a fellow dutchman!

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Sweet! I got an alert for “3 blind mice”! Way to go, eambos! (jk, actually, that is not one of my “fields of expertise” but I love your “topics” list.)

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LOL, just trying to stay interesting =P

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Babo does!!!

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I love digging into a new question. I wonder what most people do when they first log on. I catch up with private comments, then the activity I’ve been following , then go to questions for me. What does everyone else do?

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My question, which do you look at first, new activity or questions, got deleted but this one didn’t! Babo mad!!!

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Poor Babo!!

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Usually, when I get an alert or two, I scream for joy, run around the house a little, Find the nearest rocket and just before it reaches space, I jump off and take out my parachute and fireworks, While I’m floating down I launch the fireworks. :-D

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@theotherkid….so I assume you’re on an iPhone?

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yup. :-)

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thought so…...otherwise it would take you forever to get back and actually read them – although… did take you a while to answer this….

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why’d they delete your question babo?

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Babo haters…

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They deleted mine too :(

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It was the Fluther Questions Widget. Problem is it doesn’t show activity..

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Does the “alert” go by some other name? I don’t see any on my account.

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I get so excited I jump out of my virtual skin. But I get excited when the mailman delivers our mail too so I’m easily entertained.

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