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Anyone else here have Kleinfelter's?

Asked by BeeVomit (298points) April 17th, 2011

If you or someone you know has XXY or another variation studied by Dr. Kleinfelter, would you talk about it? What have you noted in your physical and psychological makeup that is different from others, or, do you not feel dissimilar at all? I know of the more personal aspects, I’m just trying to send out some feelers to get a more broad perspective. Hope you’ll participate.

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@seazen_ Wow, dude. How’d I mess that up?

@Hibernate Thanks for helping.

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Can it cause more than normal amounts of pubes?

lol jk

No, interesting though.

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@XOIIO Yes. It can. But in my case, I have less body hair, except for on my head.. I have really thick hair there.

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I personally don’t but I hang out with plenty of intersex people. Not that I ask any of them which of the ‘conditions’ they have.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Cool. If you know any of them to be obese but healthy-looking with some feminine features (as in, if they didn’t have facial hair or speak, they might look butch lesbian) or if any are very tall and skinny with equally fair faces, they might have Klinefelter’s.

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