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Can a hawk kill a person or medium sized dog?

Asked by rock4ever (1851points) April 17th, 2011

Yesterday I was walking with a friend and my dog and this hawk circled us over head. The massive bird swooped down and came only a few feet away from us. Telephone wires got in it’s way but who knows what it was going to try if it wasn’t in the way! It was amazing, beautiful, and majestic. Now I wonder though if it had tried something could it kill a a person or a medium sized dog?

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A single hawk could not kill a person or medium-sized dog, but it’s vicious claws and beak could do a lot of damage.

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A black hawk…...helicopter can wreak havoc rain holy hell on it’s victims. Run for cover it you see one coming!

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I think if large hawk flew at full speed into someone’s head, it might prove fatal, both for the person and the hawk. I’d imagine that this would not be a deliberate action on the part of the hawk though! I’d suspect an accidental collision. Failing that, a person or a large/medium dog would be able to fend off an attack, but not without some injury.

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Owls will take out cats and a friend’s dog was almost taken by a hawk.
They can do alot of damage.
I also have read a story about a hawk that was attacking people that walked along a road,going for the back of their head and another story of a Labrador Retriever that was bloodied by a red-tailed hawk.
I’d send you a link,but can’t remember where I read this.

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Hawks have attacked calves out on the range. There are several videos on Youtube, showing this.

Also, my neighbor was sitting on his front porch, when we all heard him yell. A hawk had attacked his head. He had the scratch marks and blood to prove it.

Our toy poodle escaped one day to never return. It’s our belief that he was attacked and carried away, by a hawk.

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Hawks can attack dogs and cats quite easily. If could be that the hawk was starving and your dog looked tasty.

@rock4ever If that ever happens near you again, with any bird of prey, protect your eyes. Hawks and owls go for the eyes on humans.

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@lucillelucillelucille Does your link say anything about red tailed MILS? Those are merciless killers!

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@Cruiser -XD No,but I was dive-bombed by a Cooper’s Hawk one day on my walk.(I forgot about that) It didn’t get me and looked nothing like my MIL…welll,maybe the talons. ;)

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In most cases, hawks that buzz humans are protecting a nest.

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@syz -I wondered about that.It was by one of the feed piles I leave out for the songbirds and I didn’t realize it was even near me until the last second as it was so quiet.

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I think a hawk can take out a dog, but not a person.

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@weeveeship – I’m sure that if the hawk asked the person nicely, there is a good chance that the person would let the hawk take them out somewhere nice.

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@lucillelucillelucille A silhouette of a MIL on a broom stick high above looks remarkably like a Coopers Hawk! Do not take any chances!

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Hawks cannot lift more than their own body weight.
They can be aggressive if messed with, but, they prefer to take their prey away, they do not like feeding on the ground if they do not have to.

I had a hawk try to fly off with my Bantam rooster, he couldn’t get airborne, the weight was probably about equal.

He dropped him and flew away.

Like someone else mentioned, they can do a lot of damage but it would be highly unlikely one could actually kill a good sized dog let alone a human.

A toy breed yes, anything larger than that, doubtful.

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I think it’s very unlikely, however, the hawk could cause severe damage. I’m not entirely sure that a hawk would attack something big like a human, you’d have to piss it off real bad and cut off its retreat route for it to attack you.

@lucillelucillelucille Yeah, someone I know got their cat taken away by an owl…that’s fucked up, I thought owls only hunted down small prey they can swallow…must have been some uber owl if it can swallow an adult male cat. :/

@Cruiser Don’t those things just break down half the time? XD

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A red-tailed hawk attacked a golfer a few years back in my town. It was nesting on a pole near a fairway. The man needed 30-something stitches on his face and scalp. Don’t know if the injuries could have killed him, but he required some serious medical attention.

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@Symbeline The new hybrid brooms have come a long way since they were first introduced and when running on batteries are totally silent…called stealth mode!

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@Symbeline -Owls will eat rabbits,ducks…etc.The rip them to pieced then swallow.Kind of like me with a hamburger.A friend of mine was in his hunting blind in a tree when a Great Horned Owl landed about 6 feet away.He said it just sat and stared at him for a very long time.
It also smelled very bad.That is because they kill and eat skunks.

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Wow…owls are fucking badass then. :D

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