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What IM client do you use on your mac?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) April 21st, 2008

some mac friends of mine still use that dreadfull microsoft messenger instead of, say, adium of mercury, how about you?

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iChat is the only one I use regularly, but have yahoo and skype (if you consider that an IM) installed… support mac-challenged friends and family members (I.e. they don’t have iChat)

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Adium! It supports all the major IM protocol’s and is nice.

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long live the duck indeed!

(one of the reasons i set this one up, is to get people using better clients)

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ummm…..not to come across the wrong way, but does it matter what client people use unless they’re chatting you?

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I find Skype to be superior and actually the only one I need, if it weren’t for the fact that some people resist on using it, but seems to prefer MSN on their windoh machines.

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@WF, true, but it’s like seeing people driving this ferrarie on this wide open empty road…doing 5…just raising some awareness to the switchers that there are alternatives

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fair enough…’re just a shameless mac-promoter for apps you like ;)

Ps: good thing I don’t have a “middlename” starting with a T

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Gotta stick with Adium! Its the only one for me.

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I love adium. And adium the chat program is great to.

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Adium all the way! Multiple services and tabs. Couldn’t go back to microsofts messenger now.

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I’ve been using iChat, but after this question I think I’ll try Adium. I’d never even heard of it before.. what the heck?

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I love iChat. Adium annoys me. iChat has great integration with AddressBook, and I can videochat etc. with ease.

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Ok so I just got Adium. How do I make it show all of my IM accounts in one window? Or does it do this automatically when a person from that account is online and not show it in the window when there isn’t anyone from that client online?

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^^^^ Scratch that. I figured it out. =]

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I have Adium, but it doesn’t allow video chats… so I mostly use iChat, and have my Yahoo IM open separately.

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if you want to extend this to iphone’s I use meebo. But ichat is the one for normal chatting on the computer.

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iChat & sometimes Skype..I’ve tried Adium, it hung up on File Transfers for me…I’m sure they’ve fixed it by now..but personally, I think its too bloated. I like being as minimal as possible..and Apple has done a great job with Leopards new iChat.

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