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What is the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles?

Asked by flutherjjj (2points) April 17th, 2011

Ideally somewhere on the west side.

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Osteria Mozza is probably the most famous. Pricey, and you’ll have to wait a bit for a reservation.

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Ca’Brea is super nice and it looks like the prices have gone down a bit since I last went. It’s on La Brea so it’s more or less on the western side of town.

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Osteria Mozza or Pizzeria Mozza, same ownership (I believe). And you won’t have to wait for a reservation if you go around 9 PM when the crowd dies down ;)

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Well since we’re mentioning Downtown LA, go to the corner of 4th and Spring to a little place called Rocket Pizza. It’s the ONLY restaurant where I’d order lasagna (otherwise it’s home made for me!)

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