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Car people - any tricks for loosening caliper mounting bolts (brakes)

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 17th, 2011

My girlfriend’s having a rough go. It is so tight. It seized.

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There are these people, I think they are called mechanics, that you can pay to do that shit for you. :)

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Sure. Spray liquid wrench or WD-40 on that and wait a while. Put a pipe around the wrench to make it longer for better leverage (not too long, maybe another foot longer). If those don’t work, you’ll need to heat it up. But probably one of the first two will work.

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@cockswain. Perfect answer. Liquid wrench, leverage, heat if needed. A wack with a hammer at the end of the wrench if able.

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Nikki’s Dad is a genius. All that we had to do was turn the wheel (able to use the longer wrench) to get proper leverage.

@tinyfaery Listen, bitch, we did it. ;-)

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Why do you keep calling me a bitch? :(

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@tinyfaery It’s my way of being cute. I guess that it’s not that cute. You know that I love you. :)

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@Jude I always considered Bitch as a term of endearment too. :)

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I just went through this! In my case I used an adjustable wrench and a rubber mallet. A closed wrench is probably best. I almost stripped a bolt which would not have been fun. I was worried about hitting the socket wrench too hard and damaging it.

For leverage, a pipe on the handle works well.

Remember to spray brake cleaner on the calipers and rotor before working down there – brake dust is nasty stuff and you don’t want that in your system.

They sell little tubes or packets of brake grease right next to the register – here it costs about $1.99 – enough for two pairs of pads. Don’t skip on this stuff, unless you like random vibration squeals!

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We changed them and they’re working well! Yay! Sistahs are doing it for themselves!

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