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If you could create your own country, what would it be like?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 17th, 2011

In my international affairs class, we had to create a model country, of our own. What would your country be like? What language would they speak? What rights would they have? What kind of government would it have?

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It would be largely libertarian. But it wouldn’t be the flaming conservatism of the tea baggers. It would have a lot of social safety nets, including a single payer national health plan. But otherwise, there would be a great deal of freedom and little regulation over what people can do together that’s mutually consensual.

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The land of do as you please (legally)

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It would be Sweden, but placed where the South of France is currently located.

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It would still be the USA and exactly where it is now….but run by the Swiss with all of their sensible political, fiscal, and under-the-wire (leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone) way of government. Oh, and almost forgot…good national healthcare, respect for the elderly and relatively stress-free way of life.

Dear Switzerland,

Please consider invading America and fixing it. We have invaded other countries and not fixed them. Sometimes without anyone’s permission, even Congress. I think we need to mind our own business. Maybe you could teach us to do so. Oh, and please bring your money. We keep printing up stuff that we will burning next winter to keep warm.

Thank you.


(Oh, and in case Homeland Security reads this…yes, of course…I am kidding….sheesh.)

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Wednesday is free ice cream day

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My ideal “country” would be a confederation of large autonomous villages, much like the Six Nations used to be set up (and still basically is, just inhibited by the U.S. and Canadian governments). Each village would be more or less libertarian socialist in the vein of the collectives in Spain during the ‘30’s, meaning essential resources would be fairly distributed so nobody goes without (perhaps through gift economies), while not forcing anyone into it or impinging on individual freedoms. The food production would be based primarily on permaculture principles being used to maintain the land for prime hunting, gathering, and gardening. Decisions on the village scale would be decided by direct democracy aiming for consensus, not through intermediaries. No professional military, just warrior societies(citizen militias).

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Endless beaches.

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Like this, apparently. Though it has been so long since I’ve played NationStates that I can’t remember if I was being serious or not with Volkenvania.

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