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What can you tell me about South Africa that is not well known?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2720points) April 17th, 2011

Any facts, information or experiences you have had either from meeting a South African or going there yourself.

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I’ve never been, but my best friend has and I’ll never forget him gloating non-stop for weeks about bungee-jumping some 710 feet from one of the bridges, Bloukrans Bridge (not entirely sure whether I believe he really did it, but I know that the bridge does exist!).

There’s also a list here which you may find interesting!

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They have a great wine grape Pinotage, a Super tasty red wine.

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The country or the region?

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A friend who lived there for awhile and whose family lives there said that you can’t go out at night without a male escort, or your very likely to be stabbed (for shits and giggles) and contract HIV. Don’t really know how true that is, though

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@Tropical_Willie and they have great Chenin Blanc.

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But Pinotage is a South African only vine. @Haleth yes the Chenin Blanc is great. I just had some last week.

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They have three capitals, Pretoria and Cape Town, of course, but also Bloemfontain (sp?). people always forget bloemfontain

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Large Indian population.

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I had a friend that lived there a year because he is a trauma surgeon and wanted the experience. He was very busy. Loads of car accidents he said. He was over on the East Coast. There was a fair amount of victims of violent crime too, but he said the car accidents were abundant and the worst he’s seen. (He’s trained here in Norway….not the US…)

There are areas that still have malaria. They have loads of penguins, more than the South Pole. You can walk up Lion’s Head in Johannesburg, but I wouldn’t go alone. There are nasty men who prey on tourists. There’s a really cool meteor crater you can go see…

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@MyNewtBoobs Not true. I spent many nights out in CT sans male escort and I didn’t experience any of those things.
They do tend to drive dangerously, i.e.lots of people I knew over there didn’t wear seat belts as they found them uncomfortable. They drove quite fast too. I hired a car while there and felt safe enough on the roads..something you get used to quickly enough.
@cazzie‘s right about men preying on tourists at those kind of spots – Table Mountain, etc. It’s best not to do things like that alone. The larger the group, the better.
There’s an abundance of pretty people :)

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